Dometic WeatherPro Awning - Wind Sensor

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Mar 13, 2019
Mount Dora, Florida
The control box for my Dometic awning has flashing lights, they alternate between the wind sensor speed light and the power light.  Called Dometic and tech said it was caused by moisture in the wind sensor and it should stop when dry.  Well it's been hot here in Florida and no change after waiting 5 days.  New wind sensor ( Dometic part# 3310290-006) is about $100.00.  I don't mind replacing part if needed but has anyone else had this problem and solved it by replacing wind sensor? I currently turned off the sensor which stopped the blinking lights.  Any help appreciated.
What year is yours?

Mine was too sensitive and rolled up the awning almost randomly. I was checking to see if sensitivity could be adjusted and it quick working altogether.

Like Paul, I?ll likely not mess with it.  Though there was a time last month that I?d wished I had. No damage luckily.
Hi guys, I have a 2017 Holiday Rambler.  Awning will go out and in even with the wind sensor on and the blinking lights. As I said I did turn it off and it still opens and closes with the annual switch in the coach as well as with the key fob remote.
I just had to replace mine a couple of weeks ago.  I found a wind sensor online for about $95 after shipping cost.  When my awning started acting up during a rain storm, I had the same alternate blinking between the power and wind speed light. It didn't stop after it dried out.  I inspected the wind sensor, took it apart, and the electronic board inside was corroded.  After replacement, it works normally again.
Figured out I had the same problem.  Replaced the sensor and problem fixed.  Gave plug a good coating of Dilectric Grease and good to go.  No blinking lights. ?

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