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Ian H

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Mar 23, 2005
We went to the Shepton Mallett motorhome and USRV (UK) show this weekend with the Revolution.Well it was just like being in the states,parked alongside about 50 plus RVs on the site i was on  for American RV enthusiasts,The ARV club (american RV club )had about the same on their site.Next to ours was a Sportscoach imported from Lazydays ,we both had for sale signs out and have got an interested buyer in mine if his Damon Ultrasport sells (fingers crossed).The dealers had a good showing of RVs of all classes and the interest for American RVs is overwhelming from those with European motorhomes thinking of fulltiming.Getting to the bottom of the electrical conversion and the trac vision satelite dish also works in the UK.
Looking forward to our return to the states Ian & Doreen
Sorry Tom i didnt get to take any,the boss says i was too busy talking.The chap next to me was the type of person that tried everything,so with his experimenting the trac vision satelite will pick up sky tv (uk) he changed the LNB but i have been informed by an engineer that i will only have to turn the lnb and not replace it.It seems strange that a local RV dealer fits a new system to each of his RVs when they have trac vision on board.This chap also sourced a transformer company that builds transformers with dual 110v outputs ready to plug into the 50 amp connection ,i have an 8KVA transformer on order and it should be here by the end of the week,he spent 3 weeks in France with his RV and everything works ok on 50Hz the only thing i am concerned with is the microwave but i can always run that on the inverter.Our plans at the moment are to concentrate on starting a mobile catering business ready for the next year summer season and then return to the states next October for 6 months.I did happen to meet Paul ukrv2005 and his good wife from this forum and it will be interesting to read his exploits as he tours in January.
Thanks for the story Ian. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. Maybe you can get out west next year and we can meet up. Autum/winter/sprinf weather here will be a little milder than the UK.
Hi Ian

It was good to finally meet you and Doreen on Saturday at the show - thanks for the wealth of information and general support given !!

The show itself (sorry Tom, no photos here either) was much better than the one at Stratford-upon-Avon, although after paying ?10 ($18) to get in we didn't actually spend much time looking around due to the rain.

We finally feel ready for our RV Tour now - we've sorted our US Visas, booked flights and car hire, sorted Travel Insurance for the year and arranged a villa rental throughout January.

We fly out to Oralndo Sanford on January 5th !!

Ive got my Tom Tom Sat Nav sorted with all US States (and Canada n Mexico) loaded and ready to go. Ive got Streets/Trips running on overdrive whilst we plan (and re-plan) our routes.

All Ive gotta do now is decide which dealers to visit - we're obviously doing Lazydays, but I would appreciate any other suggestions from forum members (we would even consider flying across the US to get to a really special dealership).

Also, if anyone can recommend a "good" used car dealer in the Orlando (and surrounding) area I would appreciate it. We have decided to buy a used vehicle (upto $15k) and then sell it at the end of our tour, as we will simply put our UK car in storage whilst we are away.

Thanks All

Paul and Ann-Marie

It might be worth giving Mat a call at Lazydays because the last time we were there they had a few trade in vehicles already fitted with towing frames and brake buddy etc,you could always use that as an extra lever for a good deal on the RV.Other than that Paul i found Brandon Ford  very good to talk to (even if it was for a pickup) Mat will give you the chaps name as i havent got it on me at the moment.
Heading west is on the cards for the next trip,we also intend to meet at another forum rally and maybe cook a deep fried turkey (everyone here rates it good eating) just something i got shown on my visit

Call Neville Proud at Beaudry RV in Tucson - mobile 520 730 9883 - he's an ex-Brit and helped us enormously.  Terry (at home in Spain)
Hi Terry

You have just highlighted my dilema.

I cannot decide whether it is worth flying between Seffner and Tuscon to find the best deal.

Lazydays seem to have everything to offer me, but it is Beaudry who have all of the best deals advertised on places like

As we will have 4 weeks between arriving (Jan 5th) and our intended purchase date (around Feb 2nd), I think I will take a look at internal flight prices to weigh-up whether it is worth it to visit both dealers. There is also paulsbrorv [sp] who seem to advertise great deals too.

I can obviously just find an ideal make/model at Lazydays and give Beaudry a call to compare prices, included extras and stuff, but would obviously want to visit before committing to a purchase.



Hi Paul,

Just be careful of ads no matter who places them!! There quite often can be unknowns that are discovered after you actually try to make the deal. You have a good idea about comparing prices with dealers. Just be sure everything you want is in each proposal so you'll get fair comparisons.

Jim is correct.  It appears pretty easy for some dealers to advertise great deals but when it comes to getting one of those advertised great deals some dealers start the bait and switch routine.
If all goes well we plan to return to the states October 2006 for 6 months again but this time we will buy a 5th wheel and F550 and store it in the states,if we dont manage to sell  by that time we will be off to the continent for the winter with the RV 
Hi Ian

Not sure if we have spoken don't think so.
Interested about your last post. We have been traveling the US since Feb 2004, if money was no object we would have gone for
a Class A and 4x4 toad.  What has made you decide to buy a fifth wheel when you come back next year, wouldn't a F450 be too uncomfortable for touring around in once you?re unhitched?.
We have a 36ft three slide fifth wheel and a F350 dually 1995, we don't like having to tour round cities in the great big truck, hard to at 23ft long and the suspension is hard makes you feel sick on most roads.
To us you had the ultimate RV, so go on, tell us what you will like about a fifth wheel and why change. Well not change to much as I know you have shipped the class A home, but why not do the same all over again.
Would be nice to talk and compare stories of what you liked the best etc,
Hope to speak soon

Alan & Julea Field ( The roamers from Hemel Hempstead UK )

Hi Julea
you are correct in saying that i have the ultimate RV it causes a stir wherever we go,the idea of the fifth wheel is based on three reasons ,firstly the F550 will give us a vehicle to go sightseeing in  plus only one insurance premium,second  although i dont think 5ers have the quality of a motorhome the cambridge that we looked at and liked has a lot more room also Doreen can have stacking washer and drier or dishwasher and washer / drier combo also the living room part has a more homely feel to it ,thirdly its all to do with money,we plan to buy a static caravan (park model) in the uk and store the 5er and truck in the states for 6 monthly visits.As for the pickup being big and hard on the ride i love big toys and being a trucker the F550 is small to the things i drive.
Ron on our next visit we will start again in Florida then head west towards California and we will try and get another of your rallies in again
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