Drink safe water hose

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Apr 9, 2005
Benson , AZ.
Have you seen the Flexable Hose ad on TV?  I am not much on these products, but if this is safe for drinking water, it could be pretty handy for the RV when traveling.  Of course, if not safe for drinking, all bets are off. 

It does speak to being dreat for an RV, even shows being stored in a Tiffin, but only shows stuff being hosed off.

Never heard of it, got a URL?  All my hoses are flexible :)
I just saw that ad for the self-retracting hose this morning again. I think that is the one you mean, Bill.

75' length, weighs about ?  2 lbs. Coils itself up... $ 20.00.

  Nice trick, very thin... wonder if it will last more than one trip.  Next thing they will say...that's not all... order now and we will ship you 2.  ;D

  My first thought, No Thanks. Wonders never cease.  ;D

  Skepticism is my specialty.

Molaker said:
You obviously don't watch much cable TV. :)  Flex hose

Not cable, just satellite.  And fast forward is for skipping commercials :)  That is one ugly hose.
Gord Nelson said:
Hey Carson:

Check the website.  It does say that! ;D

....also, the shipping and handling on a $19.95 hose is $15.98, so you pay another $15.98 for the second one.

Your $19.95 hose just cost you $51.91... such a deal ::)

lots of very bad reviews on the net.  Poor quality and worse customer support (as in not existent)
I looked at their ad on the web site and it does not mention "safe for drinking water" either on their video or on their page.  Are you sure it is?  Does the TV ad suggest it? 
We just bought one for yard at home.  It definitely says not for drinking.  Besides, it's made in China....

Rule:  If a hose is Ok for potable, drinking water, its advertising wll boast of that.  If not, then it is not. 

Also you want to remember that a potable water hose for an RV is under constant water pressure in operation of at least 45 psi.  Cheap, thin-walled hose may not be able to handle constant long term line pressure.
Every one of those fantastic new hoses "as seen on TV" I've ever had the pleasure (nightmare?) to use has proven to fall well short of its advertising claims.  I note that is says this one says it self-coils and shrinks as it drains, but hoses always seem to have a knack of avoiding draining without considerable help from yours truly. Never kinks either.  I already own several hoses that supposedly never kink...right!

Maybe this one is different than previous fantastic hoses? Hope springs eternal, so they say.
I was not even close to buying one, but if it was safe for drinking, I was thinking it might be a nice addition to the travel toolkit.
The XHose and its competitors have the same issue as the flat roll up hoses for RV use. No matter how close your city water inlet is to the supply spigot, you still have to allow for the total length of the hose. You cannot coil up the excess length in an out of the way spot, such as under your rig. If the spigot is only 5 feet from the inlet, you'll still need to provide room for the entire 25', 50', etc. to stretch out. On a tight campsite, that may not go over too well with your neighbor...  ::)
I can't speak from actual use but I know of someone that ordered the x-hose for flushing the black tank.  This hose is much lighter than the other 50' black hose he was carrying.  The directions warns about leaving pressure on it for extended time periods.  He likes the shut off valve and the fact that it does shrink back to normal size when the water is turned off. 

I think because of the warning about extended pressure he decided not to use the X-hose for fresh water and has opted to use it for the black tank instead.
I carry one of the permanent-coil-type 3/8" hoses for flushing and general around-the-campsite watering chores.  It's not a great hose, but I find it somewhat more convenient for routine use than a standard hose (which I also carry).  It mostly coils itself and I can just toss it in on top of the sewer hose.

This type:

The one in the link above is a potable water hose, but mine is not. I like standard hoses for potable water.
I had one of those, very handy, but aas on one trip, I hung it up to drain while I attended to another task and left it behind.  Dang!
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