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Oct 15, 2018
I am buying a motorhome across the country, how do I get it home with no plates?

From a private party.

thanks for any help
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Are you picking this up in person?  I suspect you can take a bill of sale or signed title to the local license plate office and get a temporary plate with proof of residence in another state.  Call first to verify!
The procedure may vary depending on the pick up and home states.  When I bought mine from out of state I financed it through my local hometown bank.  In my state banks are considered automobile dealers for purposes of financing private party sales, so they can issue temporary paper plates.  Some other states want you to go to the DMV in the state where the coach is purchased pay sales tax and get temporary transit plates to get it home.  If you tell us which states are involved we may be able to give you better answers.
I'm not familiar with their laws so can't help you on that.

Have you talked to your insurance company and do you have windshield coverage?
Your insurance agent can let you know if you need plates. I recently picked up my motorhome from Florida and drove it home to NY. I didn't need plates and drove home without them. I was stopped once (by the DEA) and as long as you have a bill of sale you'll be fine.
Check with your DMV in your home state and find out if they can issue a "trip Permit".....they are usually good for up to 10 days. If not your home state issuing one,,,,check with Idaho DMV.
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