dumping black water issues

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Nov 3, 2005
I know this has been covered before but this morning as we sat drinking our coffee we watched the guy next to us get ready to go.  1. did not put the dump hose on correctly and sewer dripping all over the ground 2. once finshed he tool the dump hose off and let the cap stay off while he started swinging the hose in the air right next to us.  Husband took off out the door asking him what he thought he was doing and the guys reply was, it's pointing to the ground. Actually it was over his head flowing all over and got on the side of our coach.
After he left the next guy started breaking down and took his YES drinking water hose and stuck it down the sewer hose to wash it out on the grass, then stuck the hose (same drinking hose) up the outlet for the black water dump and flushed it out on the ground.
I have to wonder what is wrong with people that they have no concerns about these type of actions.  We have full hook up so all they needed to do was hook up a hose and flush the system down the sewer connection.  Sometimes its all one can do to watch some of these folks out here do acts as these.  Wonder if more of us would say something it would help those that can not help themselves!
Wow, I wonder how people like that are able to survive. Sound like a couple of real gems. I don't get how the guys camper was so close to yours as to get sewage on your coach?
OMG!  With sanitary habits like that, I bet they spend a lot of time in the bathroom filling those black tanks back up. 

What can I say... Some folks are lucky in love, some at the casino and some ... Well if it wern't for luck they would be in the grave for sure.

I remember a seminar where they suggested keeping a bottle (Spray type) of bleach water in your fresh water bay and spraying down the spigot before hooking up the hose..... You hae posted PART of the reason why
His coach was not that close but  his sewer dump was on our side and when he cleared his sewer hose he walked over into what one would conside our part of the grass, guess this guy felt that the entire park was his. The manager of the park says this guys is a regular that comes throught about every month for a night or so.  Manager had no concerns that he dumped sewer all over the grounds either.  LIFE CONTINUES......I am sure many more sights of such to see in the future!
I know I want to avoid it.    Back in the 1800's  that would have called for being shot.  In fact the Manager  should be for condoneing it.
Not everyone is a brilliant and knowledgeable as us.  ;) Perhaps that would have been a good time for a diplomatic approach and a dumping lesson/critique.
Would nor care and did not care to know hi name.  he did have a brand new very high dollar fifth wheel.  Can not even make myself think about how the inside looks or smells.
The park has been a good park so far, can not avoid all parks that stupid folks come to, after all where would all of us thinking folks stay then!  The park is in MS is that helps.  I am not downing the folks from MS, we are here doing family history on my hisbands family which came from MS. 

Off the subject, but what part of MS did you husband's family come from?  My Dad grew up in Rankin County, MS near Jackson  out in the farm country.  Just wondered if his family was from the same area.


I didn't realize you and Ned camped at the same park. Tell him to keep that hose on his own lot!
Ned, just wondering if you were out there today. Have a cold one for us working stiffs...
Have to be real careful about approaching people with suggestions.  Some don't like it and get violent.  Got to size the person up and try to determine what they are like.  If the coach is new - then maybe suggestions would be taken lightly but if the coach looks like it has been around the world a few times - the person is set in their ways.  Then if the person is actually messing your coach or area up - it is time for a 2 by 4 or axe handle.

I suggested to a old timer one time that tires can be damaged by putting a block under only one tire of a dually.  Was told off in good shape.

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