Duo Therm Heat Pump/Air Conditioner

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Sep 13, 2005
I recently purchased a 2000 Holiday Rambler Endeavor diesel pusher. My wife and I just returned from the maiden voyage.  It has two Duo Therm Heat Pump/Air Conditioners.  The front unit heats and cools perfectly, however the back unit seems to just push ambient air.  Any ideas?  Coach has a freightliner chassis, a caterpillar engine and allison transmission.  During the trip the message center lights on the dash went out.  Took the coach to a Freightliner repair place and got no answers as to what the problem could be.  Has anyone had similar experiences?
A lot of ideas re- the Rear AC, I see someone else has spoken re the dash (And they have expierence, which I don't with said dash)

I would have a AC tecnician check the rear unit... First guess is the compressoris shot, OR, it is in serious need of a recharge
Hi errolcw,

It appears my response did not register. As John said, it appears your rear compressor is shot. When you turn on the AC you should be able to detect the compressor coming on. It won't be highly noticeable but you should hear a change. If that is not happening then you need someone to look at the compressor.

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