Dynamax Motor Coaches?

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Aug 30, 2005
I am in the market for a new coach and I am very interested in the Dynamax.  Does anybody have any experience with these?  They are built on a commercial truck chassis so durability should be good.  They promote the manueverability over a standard Class A coach.

Let me know what you guys think.

They promote the manueverability over a standard Class A coach.

Because they is somewhat smaller, in general.  Most of the Dynamax models are under 32 feet, which is indeed a nicely maneuverable size. If you got the big 35 foot Dynaquest model, I doubt if there is much difference between it and any other 35-36 foot rig.  For example, I think the front suspension is the same Neway type used on other Freightliners, with a 50 degree wheel cut.  Even a Workhorse gas chassis can match that.

At any rate, they put together what appears to be a very nice package.  Unfortunately, I haven't met any Dynamax owners (other than their Isata brand) so I don't have any first hand feedback to report.
Just bought a new Dynaquest 260 SL.  Big leap up for us.  Dealer was, well lets say I could chosen more wisely.  Contacts with Dynamax Corp. to date have all been positive.  Very friendly and considerate folks.  I believe they take pride in their product.  We are still working out some kinks so it may be premature to express a complete opinion.  However, it is a great concept.  A small, 27' class C motor home on a truck chassis w/ a diesel engine and allison trans.  The basic unit is bulletproof.  Hope it will outlive us.  The coachwork is exceptional and the fit and finish is superior, we also love the floorplan.  The RV handles like a dream, very manuververable (sp?).  Also, very attractive looking, although that is a bonus.

We will keep you all posted on how it performs on coming trips, starting one next week to Yosemite, been to Moab and Yellowstone with it so far.
Congratulations on the new Dynaquest. Glad to hear the quality is to your satisfaction.
Welcome to the RV Forum and Congratulations on the new Dynaquest  We will be looking forward to your reports on how it is working for you. 
Before deciding on a Dynamax, take a look at the Endura & Endura Max from Gulfstream. Same concept - built on a Chevrolet Kodiak medium duty truck chassis.  Lengths vary from 32 to almost 37 feet.
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