Electric Brake Controller Question 99 Ram

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Mar 12, 2005
I have a question concerning which electric brake controller I should buy.  We sold our old Motor Home and purchased a 1995 28' Road Ranger by Kit. (Now known as Extreme).  Anyways some tell me that my 1999 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport with Off Road and Tow package is pre-wired and all I have to do is buy the correct adapter for a controller and plug it in and away we go.  However, others are telling me that I will have to have the truck wired for a controller.  I did call my local Dodge (Stealer) but they could not help me without seeing my truck. I guess I am hoping someone out there has towed with a 99 dodge 1500 and can answer this for me.  Otherwise I guess I'll have to break down and go see my Dodge (Stealer)

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Hopefully "Stealer" is their name,and not thier nickname

Generally either a dealer can look at it, might cost you a few dollars but not much, or DODGE customer service can advise you for free in exchange for 17 characters.. The first of which will most likely be a "1"  (you can find those 17 letters and numbers in a number of places

Your Title, Your registration, Your bill of sale, Your repair bills, Your insurance policy, your proof of insurance, your dashboard, front of the driver, on a metal plate visible through the windshield, the driver's door, and other places as well... It's the VIN

E-Mail Dodge Customer service if you are trying to avoid paying for a dealer looksee, include the vin,see what they say
My last Dodge truck was a 1997, but it included a brake controller pigtail in the Towing package.  Basically it was just a wire that activated whenever the brake pedal was pushed and it connected to the input line of an auxiliary brake controller.  It also included wiring to the rear for trailer lighting.  I still had to add a power circuit to power the brake controller and the trailer brakes.  That additional circuit was a 15 minute job, basically just a heavy gauge wire from the battery, protected by a circuit breaker, and connected to the power inpout side of the controller.

Since you have a Towing package, you likely have the necessary wiring.  Locating the proper wire for the brake trigger may be another story, but I suspect most any hitch shop would know where to look for it.
I have a 99 Ram 1500 and it has the towing package. But you have to put the brake control on yourself. It had the 7 way connection already on it. There is a blue wire under the hood #10 wire that you hook into. The control you purchase will have instructions on how to hook it up.  Hope this helps.

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