Electric step won't retract

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May 31, 2005
My electric steps won't retract. :mad: There is a clicking that sounds like a solenoid is trying to close but then nothing.  I would like to at least retract it manually so I can seek help.  Best of all would be to fix it ... any tips or ideas would be most welcome.
Mine did the same thing, I ended up using a lot of force to retract it, then took it apart and greased it good, and has been working good for the last 2 years. I know it was a sun of a gun to get retracted thou. Good luck and maybe some else will have a better way. Cman
sounds like what mine was doing. mine would retract with the over ride switch. I had a loose ground wire. took it off and cleaned it and no trouble since. If you have tried the over ride. then i would put the grease to it.
If you can't get the steps to retract electrically, there is a link you can remove to retract them manually.  You will need a bungee cord to hold them closed once the link is removed.  It's most likely a bad electrical connection, so check those first.
I,ved been making a habit of checking the Electric  connections for the steps and lubing them  every 6 months  after a trip in Fla years ago when they wouldn't come back in after a dinner stop and heading for a CG  I was a nervous wreck till I got there, cause I was on a busy road.  No problems since.
Okay, I cleaned all the electrical connections, hooked up the shore power and charged the batteries to full, greased everything that could move and still nothing.  Went to bed, got up and opened the MH door and the steps worked perfectly.  All I can figure is that they were lonely and feeling unloved.  :-\
LOL  Love the outcome.  These rigs sometimes can be strange creatures.  As you say  the lube and TLC probably took effect on it.
The electric motor in the Kwikee steps runs until it detects a specific amount of resistance.  Then it stops.  If your electric steps aren't lubricated sufficiently, the electric motor may encounter that amount of resistance immediately when it starts up.  The result is that your steps don't move at all.  Kwikee recommends using Kwik Lube on all the moving parts. 

I had the same problem and one spraying fixed it right up.  I don't think they list the exact ingredients in Kwik Lube (like silicone or whatever), but I think it's a type of dry lubricant that doesn't attract dust and dirt.  I think there may be less expensive lubricants if you could just find a lubricant with the same ingredients.  But I would think one can of Kwik Lube should last an Rver several years.  I don't know if it can also be used on slides and jacks, maybe someone else knows. 
I use slide lube on mine and lots of other things where lube is needed, sticky doors for example.
I had a similar issue with mine and it turned out to be the screen door sensors were sticking. WD-40 and the road to happiness. Then they would open while driving, screen door was loose. Needless to say I think the retracting stairs is taken care of.

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My steps wouldnt extend...so I lubed them. Didn't help...but electrical was good. got the light and clicking.  Turned out engine battery had drained. Started generator and used it to start the coach engine. Walah...steps are working great!  2000 monaco monarch.
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