Electric Steps on Class-C Winnebago... Intermittent Operation

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Apr 24, 2006
Can anyone help me identify the possible sources of intermittently operating electric steps on a 2000 Winnebago 30' Class-C motorhome.  Some times the darned things will work, sometimes not.  Can't make them go into a failure mode or get them working by doing anything I've tried so far.  Any ideas?  Anyone else experienced this issue?  Would appreciate any guidance available on this one.  Thanx !


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Oct 30, 2005
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Have you tried cleaning the hinge points of the step? Be very careful about what you use to lubricate the steps as oil base products will collect dirt and make things worse. Only use a dry lube product. You can also disconnect the step from the motor to see if the problem is a mechanical bind. If you do this, first make sure that the power has been removed from the step, then put something under the step to hold it in position when you remove the pin that connects it to the motor. Once that is done it is very easy to see the pin that must be removed, and once that has been removed, test it by turning it on to see if it attempts to drive. It won't stop since the step does not move, but the motor should drive. If it does not, the problem is not mechanical but electric. It the motor does run, remove power and with the steps free, carefully remove the prop and work with them to get them to move freely. the reconnect them to the motor and test again.

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Feb 2, 2005
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A failing or intermittent door switch can look like step failure, but what it is really doing is confusing the interlock and/or step position circuitry.  The step uses a sensor (a magnetic switch) to determine if the door is open or closed and reacts accodingly. Itis also interlocked with the ignition key, so that it knows to retract when the engine is running.
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