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May 22, 2006
A newbie question;  I have a class A w/ a 25' 50 amp electrical cord for hookup at campsites.  I am thinking I should carry an extension to that just in case I can't reach the box at a campsite.  Came close last time out.  Camper's World has a special now on a 25' extension cords.  If I buy a 50 amp extension, can I drop down to a 30amp adaptor for the whole 50' of cord if necessary at a campsite that only offers 30amp.  Or should I buy 2 extension cords, 1 50amp & 1 30 amp to have on hand for those situations??      Thank you,  Sandrich
Use the 50A extension and the 30-50A dogbone adapter at the outlet.  You'll have minimal voltage drop that way and don't need to invest in another extension cable.
Think of the wire size as a pipe. The bigger the pipe size, the more water it will carry. A big pipe will always let you take out a small amount of water, but a small pipe will not let you have a large amount of water in a short time. Now change pipe size to wire size and water to electricity and the same analogy still holds. Always use the biggest wire size, then you get more power to the point of use. A 50 amp cord on a 30amp circut is fine, but a 30 amp cord on a 50 amp circut is a NO NO.

The set up I use depends a lot on the weather, sans air conditioning, I can get by with 20 amp (or electric heat) add one ac or heater and it's 30 amp, add two and it's 50 amp.

Personally. I usually use 30 amp extension cords when only 30 amp service is there Two reasons

1: Some 30 amp breakers will take both AC units if we disable optional loads like one battery charger, in this case the voltage drop may be a good thing.  Not always though (I had it happen once)

2: Lighter and easier to wrangle

But I carry a full assortment ranging from a 100' 12ga (20 amp) cord to a 15' 50 amp extension in additin to the one that came with the rig.  Had one job where I did not need all that much current, but I needed every foot of cord so I carry adapters up down and across as it were

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