End of the Newmar Warranty

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Mar 11, 2005
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I was sad to hear that the famous 3 year all inclusive Newmar warranty will come to an end effective with the 2006 models.

I guess I am lucky that I ordered one of the last if not the very last 2005 Newmar KS.  I have been assured by Newmar that tis new policy is not retroactive.  But it worries me that there may be financial reasons behind the move.  Newmar does promise that they will offer a two year extension on the standard 1 year warranty for a price.

I can tell you this is raising hell among the Newmar owners on the Newmar RV owner email list and on the Newmar RV Pusher email list.

It is a sad ending to the best motorhome warranty in the business.

I am still happy with my purchase and glad I got my order in in time, but there is a shadow on the horizon now.
It does not affect me directly, but indirectly it worries me about the future.  With fuel prices skyrocketing and the economy in a holding pattern, this cannot be easy for the MH manufacturers.  At least I am glad that I sold all my real estate.  I feel I may have gotten out at a market top where real estate is concerned.
Alfa still includes their 5 Year Gold Protection Plan in the base price of their motorhomes.  That's a one year factory warranty plus a 4 year extended warranty from MBA.
Not quite the same though Gary.  I read all over the Internet that the main job of the third party Alfa insurer is to say, "No."  Newmar not only was famous for saying "yes" but they also even did free fixes on coaches out of warranty if they brought them to the factory.  I guess all of that is catching up with them now.

Mandalay also has a 3 year but only 36k mile warranty vs the Newmar 3yr 50k mile.  However Mandalay can hardly get off the dealer lot without a warranty issue

Warranties are a factor, but the most important thing, IMO is basic coach quality.  I still feel I made the right choice in that respect.  Time will tell if all my research pays off.

I think the move to limit liability to what Newmar makes -that's the coach, not the chasis, engine, appliances or electronic add ons bodes very well for Newmar!

The top of the line manafacturers, ie., Country Coach do NOT warantee anything they do not make, the manf warantee covers those products. That's how to stay at the top. The also have leverage with manufacturers to stad behing their warantees or not remain in their coaches. I'd like to see Newmar remain for a long time!   

Thinking a little more about it, Newmar put a lot of pressure on all of it's suppliers to extend their warranties to 3 years to limit the Newmar exposure. It may be that enough suppliers have balked and Newmar doesn't want to go bare to cover them.


When I was shopping for an SUV to tow I was really giving the Honda salesman a rough time. At that time everyone, and I mean everyone, was offering 5-10 years warranty on the total vehicle or at least the powertrain and the standard old Honda warranty was 36/36.

The response I got was "They must need the extra warranty to sell their vehicles, we don't."

The Honda just went out of warranty at 38 months and 39,000 miles. Replaced so far- one battery (That I ran down twice towing).

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