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Gary V

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Jun 13, 2006
Hi there,

Our daughters will both be at university in England in about a years time and we plan to travel the States, Canada and Alaska for two years, returning home every three months or so.

We have rented in the past for short stays and, in view of the time we will be away, we plan to purchase a second hand, one to two year old fifth wheel rig  and sell it at the end of our travels.

We understand that the unit will have to be registered and that fees for this can vary from place to place.  We plan to set up either a US or Canadian PO Box address for registration/insurance purposes and wonder if anyone can advise the best (lowest cost) to do this.

Also, can anyone point us in the right direction for insurance as we are not getting any help from the advertisers on the web.

Any other helpful information would be welcomed.


Gary V

You can't discuss insurance until you have selected a state to register the vehicle - insurance costs and coverages are defined on a state-by-state basic rather than nationwide.

South Dakota is one inexpensive place to own/title and RV an dpopular with fulltime RVers.  Another place is Montana, which allows a LLC (Limited Liability Corporation) to purchase an RV without any taxes. See Montana LLC

I don't know if your tourist status (as opposed to resident) would complicate either of these choices. We have several other UK people on this board, so they can probablyhelp you better than I.

Hi Gary V

You could take a look at the preparations page of my site at www.ukrv.co.uk

It doesnt go into great depths but will give you a few ideas.

We are currently touring the USA and Canada and are 6 months into our 15 month tour - we are booked to return next April 14th.

Good luck

One thing to know... The Department of Motor Vehicles will send mail to a P.O. Box but they want an actuall street address for you as well 

Ie: my address used to be something like

88 Calhoun st
P.O. Box 421
Battle Creek, Mi

(Note the actuall address or P.O. box)

Post office delivered to the PO box, but the street address was my apartment
Thanks for your response and advice.

Can anyone offer information on registration in Canada.  It it easier or cheaper?  Have noticed adverts for used rigs for sale in Canada stating 'all taxes paid'.

Gary V

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