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Dec 9, 2006

I am unable to find the tow capacity for a 4 Winds 5000 Class C 21RB, powered by the Ford 5.4L V8.  Toad will be a Chev Tracker, just less than 3000 lbs.  The GCWR (20K) is ample, but I am not sure if power is enough for mountain driving.  Will appreciate any advice.
Can you identify what chassis it is on?  Clearly it's a Ford of some variety, most likely an E350 van cutaway chassis. That would give a clue at least. Could look up a similar van model and see how they rate that.

Ford probably doesn't assign a tow rating to an incomplete vehicle like the van cutaway chassis typically used for a Class C. They don't know what the body builder is going to do with it, so they usually just stick with GVWR and GCWR. In general, mountain terrain is going to be slow going if you get near the GCWR. If you are a couple thousand lbs under the GCWR, then you have some margin and are probably OK. It isn't going to race up the hills, though.
Thanks, Gary.  Yes, it is a E350 chassis.  I found this description:  "The E-Series is an excellent tow vehicle, due to the available GCWR of up to 20,000 pounds, and its relatively low curb weight. No other van or SUV can match its available towing capacity and payload."  Apparently I'll be several thousand pounds under the GCWR.  Appreciate your help.

What does the sticker say on the van itself - that statement by Ford was in reference to an off the assembly line E-350 van, not one with a Class 'C' motorhome body on the E350 Chassis. Also, the 'up to' part of the statement means that when properly configured, it has that capability. Somewhere on your Class 'C' there should be a sticker put on by the coach mfg that will give you the rated capacities 'after' they added all their stuff, and I doubt very seriously, that it is anywhere near the GCWR of 20,000Lbs, and the relatively 'low' curb weight is nowhere near what an empty E350 weighs.


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