Equalizer Hitch Trick

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Jul 20, 2006
When I did my walk thru on the TT the dealer showed me a trick on how to get the bars on
the equalizer hitch without using the pry bar. The shoved so much at me that day and I forgot how to do it. Anyone out there
know this trick I am at less than wanting to talk with my dealer terms right now 8)



I'm guessing what they did is crank the weight back onto the trailer tongue jack. This is the only way to get the bars set properly in the first place. They probably lifted the back of the truck up a huge amount and then popped the brackets in place. This may or may not work for any given situation but always put the weight back on the trailer before snapping up the brackets. I've done it with and without but be very careful especially when unsnapping them. If you have too much weight on the truck they will really snap down hard on you. There's no reason not to use the bars. The more weight on the jack the less work with the bars.
Installing your equalizer bars, the trick is to hook up the ball, then crank down the tongue jack which will lift the back of the tow vehicle.  Lift it at least a 1-2 inches.  Then hook up the equalizer bars. Next, crank up the tongue jack fully.

When disconnecting from tow tow vehicle,the trick is to leave the ball connected, crank down the tongue jack until you see the  back of the tow vehicle lift a bit, then disconnect the equalizer bars.  Then crank up the jack to take pressure off the ball, unlock ball, now crank down the tongue jack again and move tow vehicle forward.

Another tip is to buy a few extra safety clips at a hardware store. At some point you might forget to remove them and shear one off as I did or you might misplace them.  I carry a couple of spare clips in the TT.
Jake, Jim

Thanks so much for the help. Jake that is a good idea on the spare clips those
things look like they would be pretty easy to loose.



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