Equalizer System hydraulic jacks leaking - warranty terms changed

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Feb 21, 2010
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I have the Equalizer System hydraulics and found that 3 of my stabilizers had puddles of hydraulic fluid under the feet. We were 4 quarts low on fluid. I took the coach to Little Dealer in Phoenix and was told that all four jacks have to be replaced as the seals are leaking even though I have a 2011 coach. I have a three year written Warranty from Equalizer and they are claiming that no they changed their Warranty to 2 year, err no one year as posted on their Internet site, and so it is not covered. This all seems very strange to me. I would very much like to just tighten a few nuts, anyone give me a hint?
Hound Equalizer if the WRITTEN warranty you have in hand is 3 years. They have to honour it unless you have done something that would otherwise void it. Changing their warranty after you purchased the product is immaterial.
Run your situation by 3 Ts in Lake Havasu City and see what they have to say.  Off hand don't have their info but I am sure you can find it.

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What does Forest River think the jack warranty was/is? They are the ones who purchased the components for your coach and they are passing along the component warranty to you, so they should be in the loop. If your coach documentation includes a written statement from Equalizer about the warranty, that should trump anything else, but if the three year statement came from some other source after the fact, then you probably don't have a leg to stand on unless Forest River goes to bat for you.

For what its worth, I've had good experience with support from Equalizer on my jack system.
I did contact Forest River and they agreed that the Warrenty they supplied was the one given to them by Equalizer. Equalizer is sending the seals now but not replacing the jacks. I hope that will work. It is odd that three seals would fail at the same time.  Wonder why the fourth is still holding and for how long!
After 5 weeks it seems it is not possible to replace only the seals, the entire stabilizer jacks have to be replaced. Equalizer has 3 different written warranties for the same coach, one year, two year and three year. They claim they rewrote the warranty twice after my purchase  and the newest one year voids all previous warranties although they never notified any owners or even Forest River. My comment on that is that nonsense would never hold up in court. Forest River went to bat for me but could not get Equalizer to budge. Forest River has now agreed to have the stabilizers sent to them and they will send them to me. They say they will have to deal with Equalizer as a separate issue.  I am wring this to let others know about the supposed Equalizer warranties and the decision of the company not to honor them. I think this position may be big legal trouble for Equalizer along the way but who am I to know. I will say that Forest River Warranty department has been great and their comment to me was that they are committed to stand by their customers.
Sounds like Forest River is doing the right thing. Good on 'em!

I don't see how Equalizer can unilaterally withdraw the warranty you received at the time of purchase. As you said, that would not stand up on court unless the original warranty contains a caveat that says they can do so at any time.
No it does not say, subject to change on notice, it clearly say 3 years on parts.  Who would ever buy that product otherwise. Very odd situation, still waiting 6 weeks later. I think Forest River will com through.

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