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Jul 18, 2005
Has anyone had any dealings with Warranty Services. They are out of Texas. Quoted us a good deal for a used coach. 4 years/48,000 =$1,548 with a $50 deductible.
I dealt with Dave Garder there.  Had to use it once, well worth the price., Would go to them again, should the occasion arise.  Just make sure your policy is in tack.  Ours hadn't been recorded and caused a problem at 1st, but Dave came to the rescue.
Dave Gardner is with Warranty Experts.
Just read all the fine print in the contract to make sure you are buying what you think and that it compares with the other policies you have been quoted.  The price of an extended Warranty can vary tremendously with the presence or lack of a few words, often beginning with the word "except" or "unless".
My rig is still under warranty (Thankfully as a service tech spotted something) but I'm wondering about a flyer I got in the mail

Camping world now has an extendended warranty program, Only restriction appears to be they have to do the work

Any opinions on this?  (I'm generally disinclined to use a restricted program)
That restriction saves you the time of reading all the other fine print. ::) ::)
I certainly wouldn't trust CW to work on my Cat engine or my Freightliner chassis.
Ned said:
I certainly wouldn't trust CW to work on my Cat engine or my Freightliner chassis.

There appears to be at least one Cat shop you probably wouldn't want to work on your Cat either based on the experience Tom mentioned about the couple at Monaco with a 512 HP cat. :D

It's not clear to me if this was a CAT issue or the coach manufacturer. Personally, I've had zero problems with my local CAT shop working on the big CATs on the boat over the last 5 years. Their techs are very competent.
Tom I am not suggesting that Cat is a bad engine or that Cat gives bad service in general.  However, it appears to me that there is one Cat service center, unless they were not at a Cat service place, that should be looked at with reservation since where they had taken the coach obviously were lacking in diagnostic skills.  IMHO any qualified diesel mechanic should have been able to diagnose a turbo boost anomaly which from what was described this was cause of their problem.  Whether the intercooler was installed by Cat or the coach manufacture the result was a turbo boost problem which any Qualified diesel tech or even a average should have been able to figure out.  Now I am not a qualified diesel tech but when you first described the condition I immediately thought turbo boost was a possible cause but discounted the idea since the engine had been checked by a Cat shop.  Whether the coach had been in a Cat shop or any other diesel shop somebody was flat on their you know what for not diagnosing the problem.  The fact that the Monaco service center did determine the problem when a diesel service center could not reflects very highly on the Monaco techs.  You can even tell them I am impressed with their diesel engine diagnostic abilities.

Since the service center the couple had visited before going to Monaco dropped the ball that is one service center I would recommend avoiding.  I am in no way saying the Cat service centers  in general provide poor service because that is not the case.  Just one service center needs to be chastised.

I hear you Ron. I still don't know for sure who found the problem - Monaco or a CAT guy who came to the Monaco service facility. It's tough getting the full story and the chronology because of the emotion involved. This couple just seem to have had a litany of problems over the 13 months they've owned the coach. The wife just told me that someone installed an incorrect turbo somewhere along the way. She also told me that, while they were trying to resolve the "overweight" issue, someone suggested they put different wheels on the coach (lighter rims??), which they did. But they just found out that the new wheels are causing a different problem, so another set of wheels is arriving tomorrow.

If it were me, I think I would have accepted the offer of a new coach they were given.
If Monaco offered a new replacement coach and they refused then IMHO they have no case.  It appears Monaco is trying their best to make things right.  I would expect any Diesel Mechanic should have been able to diagnose that turbo boost problem.  Overweight issues its hard to say who is the major contributer to the problem.  Bottom line is that Monaco is trying their best to make it right.

Ron said:
If Monaco offered a new replacement coach

I honestly don't know if Monaco or the dealer offered them the new coach. They appeared to have some valid reasons for not accepting it, including financial.

It appears Monaco is trying their best to make things right.

That's the way it appears to me, but not to them.

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