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Sep 4, 2019
Hi, purchasing a used 2019 travel trailer, doesn't have the original warranty with it.  Thinking I should get an extended warranty.  Does anyone have a company they have worked with they would recommend?  Thanks
Save the money and you will have it in the event that something fails. 
My concern is that I am not getting the 1st year's normal warranty and this TT was only used once.
Be very cautious about this purchase. There are some 2019 models being re-sold that were supposed to have been scrapped and inability to transfer the factory warranty is a clue to that. The trailers were water damaged and unscrupulous individuals have repaired them and then try to sell as as if some personal circumstances are forcing them to sell.  Contact the RV manufacturer with the trailer VIN and ask about getting the warranty transferred to your name - my guess is they will tell you there is no possible warranty for that vehicle. You might also try to get a Carfax report on the unit to see its history.
You might want to read this long story about a bargain 2019 Keystone trailer:http://www.irv2.com/forums/f59/private-purchase-advice-needed-warranty-discrepancy-458668.html

In any case, an extended warranty won't cover any body or structural problems . Further, it will not cover anything that would have been covered in a factory warranty if there was one. That means zero coverage if the trailer is less than 12 months old since it was first titled to a retail owner.
It's just my opinion, but since you asked... I would not recommend getting an extended warranty for any type of trailor. Everyone's budget threshold is different, but compared to an RV with a drive train, there aren't many high-dollar things to go wrong. By the time you pay the deductible, schedule the appointment and take the RV in, you can usually fix whatever went wrong yourself - for the same amount of money, or less... and you learn about your RV in the process.

We have an extended warranty (through Easy Care) but the only reason we have it is because our RV has a drive train. Replacing the engine, for example, could cost more than 50K, and a catastrophic transmission failure would also be costly. The fine print in most (if not all ) extended warranties is carefully worded to exclude covering a lot of things, so if you decide to buy one, read it carefully.


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