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Jul 6, 2018
because we are in the process of getting our first RV (A Class A), and would like to mitigate any expensive "surprises in the first year or so, we are looking into an extended warranty.
Like anything, there are pluses & minuses, good and bad experiences, as well as good or horrible companies offering them.
What have any of you experienced, and wiith who. One quote was from  UNITED STATES WARRANTY CORPORATION (reasonable cost) and another was Good Sam quite a bit higher.
Thanks in advance.

You would be best to read all the fine print to check what is covered, what is not, and the deductibles etc. These "warranties" are not really warranties at all, they are insurance policies usually with many exceptions to the vehicle/equipment covered. Good Sam has been mentioned here quite often, a search (menu bar on top) might bring up some interesting comments.
There has been quite a few threads on this very topic you can find here on this forum.  My personal belief is extended warranties are not worth the price of the paper they are written on, with perhaps a few exceptions, such as a very expensive diesel motor home, maybe.  Your manufacturer warranty should cover those expensive surprises during the warranty period.  As Stu said, "read the fine print" because there are far too many exceptions. These policies are set-up to be cash cow for the issuer and the odds are not generally in the consumers favor. 
I am not a fan of all the fine print found in extended warranty contracts, and I'd strongly recommend that you read the contracts of any company you're considering, before you sign anything. Some are cleverly worded to enable companies to avoid having to pay.

It's just my personal opinion, but I would not buy an extended warranty for a towable or camper. Repairs to things that might break, and which are covered, aren't usually very expensive. It's been my experience that it's often more trouble to take the RV in to get a covered item repaired, than to just fix it yourself.

If the factory warranty has expired, the drive trains of Class A, B and Cs can be very expensive to repair if there's a catastrophic failure. (Very unlikely I admit, but it happens.) Because of the potential for a very expensive drive train repair, we just purchased another extended warranty from Easy Care. We already had coverage from them, but it was about to expire.

We've never filed any claims with Easy Care, so I can't attest to their willingness to pay on a claim, but they get pretty good reviews overall. What I liked about them, is that they required our motorhome to be  inspected at one of their authorized centers before they'd cover it. The inspection took half a day and was very thorough. I had looked at several other companies, but none required a pre-inspection. I was concerned that any company that would offer coverage, without knowing the condition of the RV, might be more likely to try and avoid paying a claim, especially a big one.

It cost us $4800.00 for four years of total RV coverage, with a $500.00 deductible. I really only wanted drive train coverage, but they didn't offer that. Good luck with your decision.

Thanks for the info. I believe that they were one I contacted, and like you, I was also impressed that they inspected b4 they covered. There was another who was "cheaper", lower deductible, but I doubted I could count on them.
Thanks again.
Ike & Sheila
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