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Awhile back i did some searching on google and google earth on some of the famous movie spots around the US...  Like the house in vegas in the movie casino, the house of the boss in scarface, the mothers house in scarface and others. 

Has anyone actually visited any places like that from movies? 
There's the John Wayne museum near Moab, Utah. It's housed in the basement of the Red Cliffs Lodge and restaurant. Go outside, and you're in the place where many of those movies were shot.
Alabama Hills in Lone Pine, CAlifornia. Over 400 movie shot there and they have a movie event every year , the first part of October and only show movies that have been filmed there.  I plan on being there this October.

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Buckskin Joe, a western town used in a number of movies, was near the Royal Gorge (west of Pueblo, CO), but was burned out in a 2013 wildfire and never restored. It was a really neat place, though. There also is a restaurant (I forget the name) in Ridgway, CO that advertises that John Wayne (among others) was filmed there. Of course Monument Valley, AZ has been in a LOT of western movies.
There is a scene in one episode of BONES where Angela says she thinks they are about xx Miles from where Jesus lost his sandals... Been there... One of the Bible movies was shot on Navajo land in Az.

Several settings in the original CSI: Crime Scene Investigation show were real settings in Lost Wages.
The ficticious town of Hale, Maryland in the Runaway Bride and the ficticious town of Treegap in Tuck Everlasting was actually Berlin Md.
Peggy Sue Got Married was filmed in Petaluma, CA.  They actually painted some of the streets pastel colors to aid photo quality.  They also refurbished exteriors (and renamed) some of the local businesses.  American Graffiti was another well known movie filmed there.  There are many, many others.  http://www.petalumadowntown.com/filming-downtown.html
I worked and lived in Santa Cruz, CA when most of Clint Eastwood's Sudden Impact was filmed there.
I will second the recommendation for the Alabama Hills in California. Everything from Star Wars to 1920s westerns. There is also ?Star Wars Canyon? in Death Valley.
We ate at the restaurant where part of 'Sleepless in Seattle' was filmed. Great view over Puegot Sound.
Monument Valley gets my vote too, simply from the sheer number of westerns filmed there.
Might be interesting to visit the restaurant where "when harry met sally" was filmed and she had her fake org....    I think its in new york, not sure.

I just wish i would have visited some places when i lived in vegas... Like the mob museum and the house where casino was filmed.    But at that time i spent 3 years chasing my loses lol
"Giant" was filmed in Marfa, Texas.  The stars all stayed in the town's hotel and there are a lot of signed photos on the walls like Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean, and Rock Hudson.  Also near Plano, Texas is the "South Fork" home where the "Dallas" TV show took place.  We had a tour because I was a "Dallas" fan.

Thelma & Louise Point on Shafer Trail in Moab


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Smithville, TX, where they filmed parts of Hope Floats; maybe not big time, but what a great little town, and so friendly to boot. Came thisclose to buying a house there...
Gloucester MA where The Perfect Storm was filmed. The original bar is still there, but the one they built for the movie was taken down and removed. Gloucester city had the choice of keeping it or not and they chose to have it removed.
"The Shining" was filmed in various places one of which was  the Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood, Oregon which we went to years ago. 

Some of the scenes were based on the interior of the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite where we go each year to eat and celebrate my birthday. 

"Dallas" went to the Southfork ranch outside of Dallas to see where the outside scenes were filmed.


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