Fantastic Vent squeaks suddenly

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
Hi:  It's 112 here in Mesa this weekend.  In my small motorhome I open windows and all vents.  I run one of the Fantastic Vents to blow out during the day in an attempt to move the extremely hot air rising to the ceiling out of the motorhome.  Then when the sun goes down, I turn the fan back to blow inward to try to clear some of the heat out of the unit.  After the sun is no longer hitting the door I also keep that open. 

Question:  The vent is squeaking.  I assume the extreme heat has melted any lube in the motor to the consistency of water.  I have emailed tech support at to ask what to lube and what to use.  Any other suggestions would be welcome.  I figure the FV guys probably won't get to the email till Monday. 

It's HOT.


You could drive out to the West Valley and sit in our house during the day. The A/C works great :D :D
A drop of light machine oil, e.g. 3-in-1 oil, should do the trick. Place it on the motor shaft so it can run down into the bushing around the shaft and run the fan. It should work in within a couple minutes.  If that doesn't do it, try a penetrating oil, e.g Liquid Wrench. It won't lubricate as well but it seeps in around the bushing more easily.

I would not use silicone lubes or WD40 unless the Fantastic Vent folks specifically OK it.
Gary:  Thanks for the specifics, which I have printed.  I'll rummage through my brother's stuff for some 3-in-1.  I assume this structure is accessible via the roof rather than from inside.  I may wait til morning, because I don't like to walk on the roasting hot roof and possibly loosen any warm caulking. 


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