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Dec 28, 2017
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Old_Crow said:
Not surprising, I hardly watch the news anymore.  What appears to be happening in this country makes turn me into a grouchy old man. 
Heck, I don't hardly even skim Yahoo news in the morning anymore.  Read this forum, the Jeep forum, my email and then back to a nice book.

Jack Reacher
Old_Crow said:
All but the newest one.
I'm currently devouring W.E.B. Griffin's Brotherhood of War series, having just finished the Honor Bound series.

I keep finding Reacher novels I haven?t read. I also like Baldacci (John Puller), Jeff Shaara writes about the Civil War, WWI & II, John Grisham to mention a few.

For you reacher readers and other like stuff you may like books by C.G. Carrol as they are somewhat along those lines, lots of good stiff!
Jim Godward said:

For you reacher readers and other like stuff you may like books by C.G. Carrol as they are somewhat along those lines, lots of good stiff!

Just starting. John Sandford (Virgil Flowers). We download all our reads from the local library to our iPads.
Favorite authors..  WOW. that's a tough one there are so many
Isaac Asimov
Anne McAffrey
Ben Bova
Larry Niven
Misty Lackey
One you likely never heard of Marilyn Alm (At least not as an author) I've read part of her first book.
And that's just in the Science fiction arena (There are more)
Lilian Jackson Braun (The cat who)
Carole Nelson Douglas (Midnight Louie)
Rita Mae Brown (Mrs. Murphy. another cat)
To name just three in the animal detective mystery series.

It's truly a long long long long long long list
I need to branch out a bit. I have gotten into somewhat of a niche with Lee Child, John Sandford, Baldacci and Grisham. As I said in an earlier post we download books from our local library into our iPads. We used to purchase books at the Goodwill but it got to where we had maybe a hundred paperbacks lining the bedroom wall.
One of my favorite authors is former fulltime RV'er Nick Russell. His "Big Lake" and "John Lee Quarrels" series make for some really good rainy day or beach reading. Some of you may remember Nick from his days publishing the "Gypsy Journal" travel newspaper...
Above plus Nora Robert's in both of her personas. Tara and I have similar reading tastes plus she likes fantasy particularly with dragons and vampires. Did I see Heinlein above! Can't leave him out.

Since we both read many of the he same books we have two Kindles (the free books are the majority of Tara's reads). We abandoned about 10,000 books when we finally sold the home place; ain't gonna happen again! We're up to about 400 books since (not counting free) and they are on both Kindles as well as Amazon keeps track and let's us know when we've already bought one.

The Bookbub and other free book downloads introduces you to many newer authors,  I discovered Bobb Akarts, he writes real news into tales, basically Dystopian style SHTF stuff,  this is lately.  Although right now I have a couple books going, one is 1491, (can't recall author), of life in the Americas before (mostly) white men.  The other is a CJ Box.  Had never read any of his before, but curiosity got me so I downloaded book 1. 

On an all thru my life author (s). Heinlein, Asimov, King, Grisham, Clancy at the top of one line, and Michener definitely all time list. 

When we sold our S&B back in RI I helped fill up a couple of the take one leave one libraries, lifting the Take portion and expanding the leave one.  I have no idea how many books are on my Kindle at this point.
I ran across a box of John D McDonald's paperbacks at a Yard Sale on the way through Georgia in June.
IT was a nearly complete collection. Only a few of his early attempts at Science Fiction are missing.
I've been re-reading all the Travis McGee books this summer.

Also have been reading Greg Bear's Eon/Eternity series.
Other favorites
Herman Wouk, James Michener, Andy Weir,...
To name a few...

Lee Child (Jack Reacher books)
W.E.B. Griffin (Brotherhood of War, The Corps, Presidential Agent, Honor Bound series)
David Weber (Honor Harrington series)
David Drake (Belisarius, Cinnabar, The General series)
SM Stirling (Emberverse, Nantucket series)
Nora Roberts aka JD Robb (in Death series)
John Sanford (Prey, Virgil Flowers series)
The old sci-fi masters (Heinlein, Asimov, etc)CS Forester (Hornblower)
Bernard Cromwell (Sharpe, etc)
James MichenerHerman Wouk
Patrick O'Brian (Master & Commander, etc)

and many, many more...
Oldgator73 said:
We used to purchase books at the Goodwill but it got to where we had maybe a hundred paperbacks lining the bedroom wall.

I did something very dangerous the other day. Had an hour to kill. Spent it drinking tea and internetting at a Barns and Nobel.. I was able to exercise great restraint so I did not need to use my hand cart to haul a box of books out to the car :).

Back in the old days when I was a working stiff every pay day (2 weeks) I would go book shoping..    From time to time I'd get a big box and start packing with with paperbacks.. usually 90-100 of them.. and a pre-addressed stamped post card.

I'd haul 'em down to the library and set 'em on the counter.

A week or so later I got the card back with a number. Rubber stamp and signature
The number of books.. The library then holds a "used book sale"  Of course some of them came from said used book sale. but  I likely donated around a thousand books over 20 + years.  Possibly more.

Now when I get paperbacks they end up in the park book swap.. But mostly I do Kindle books as they do not take up much physical space

Burt last week I had to have the phone screen replaced (Failure. not damage) and I was a day without the thing.. Withdrawal  yes that's a real thing.
I read too much to reduce my list to manageable size.

My recent discoveries:

Bobby Adair
Stan C Smith
Scott Nicholson
Stephen Arsenault
Neil Degrasse Tyson
Craig Robinson
John Scalzi
Michael Stark
BV Larson
David Drake
Richard K Morgan
Scanning through my Kindle (roughly 200 books) I see a lot of Steven King and Dean Koontz.  But everybody knows about them.

If you want to laugh start with John Scalzi or Bobby Adair.

We lived in a small village outside Cambridge, England and would frequent the village pub several nights a week. Some of the residents were employed at Cambridge University. One night one of the pub regulars that worked at the University was reading a Stephen Hawking book. My wife got interested so we purchased on of his books. Neither of us got very far into it.
Do any of you read the same book more than once? 

Over the past 40 years I have read Moby Dick three times.  Melville had a lot of insight. 

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