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Sep 26, 2006
We have finally joined the ranks (well, almost!) and are getting our first RV this weekend. We decided on a used RV to get started. I rode an RV for the first time back in 1979. My uncle drove us (me and my brother), along with his family, from San Diego Ca, to Annapolis Md. back in 1979. I have always remembered everyday on the old RV. I have longed for those days for over 25 years. Well, here we are, a bit older and hopefully ready to own our very own RV. We are probably going to buy a 1987 Pace Arrow this weekend. It has just over 62,000 miles. It has been kept clean and mechanically sound. Recently smogged (2 weeks ago) and told it runs great. Everything works as far as we've been told. Good a/c and appliances. Back up video monitor and air powered jacks. I have no idea what any of this means. The dinnette was removed when bought and more closets installed in its place. Is there anything I should be worried about concerning this particular model? Any suggestions on what to look for? Thanks
Congratulations on joining (or re-joining) the ranks of RVers. There are lots of folks here who can help you with any questions you may have. Just remember you will have to fix things and you will have fun. We're nearing the end of a 2-week trip, are parked at the campground at Monument Valley, and really don't want to go home (which is less than 120 miles away).

Welcome to the RV Forum.  Please look around the forum,  join in on any of the on going discussions, start new discussions, or ask questions.  Thanks for joining us. I am sure you will enjoy the RV lifestyle.

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