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May 21, 2006
Hello All,

Glad to be aboard.  Finally able to take the plunge and buy an RV.  Really excited.  I have been lurking and learning about RV's for several years and yearning.

I have deceided on a Country Coach '36.  Question is do I go for a well maintained 1993-94 and the money I save put into repairing and upgrading or go with a newer model say 1997-1999?
Thanks for any and all advise.
It maybe depends on whether you want a slide-out or not.  If you go with a later model, you can get a single slide but won't find any slides at all in the earlier CC's.

Since prices on 97-98 vintage coaches are relatively low anyway, I think I would be inclined to go with the later years. Quite  abit of progress in design & manufacture was being madeduring the mid-90's, so a newer one may have some advantages.
Having owned a 93 MH in the past and traveling more than 70,000 miles on it, and now own a 98 vintage MH, ?IMHO go for the 98 with a slide preferably. ?So much more comfortable even with only 2 people in the unit. ?The room is vital when it comes to moving around and in Sanity. It's unbelievable in the difference, especially at cooking time. We have never owned a CC but BASICALLY all the MH are somewhat the same in design. ?The cost between the 2 can't be that great. ?Perhaps 15 to 25K. ?It would be a shame to purchase the lesser expensive model and then realize you should have or want the newer model. ?The cost then would be more substanial. ?Asll this depends on your tastes and pocket book. ?It's easy for us to say go for the newer one, when we are not the one footing the bill. ?All these units improve to a degree as the new models appear, with more and more gingerbread on them. ?Good luck in whatever you decide and keep us posted as to your decision, wheather you agree or disagree with any or all of us. ?Just do something and enjoy this beautiful country and others, along with the lifstyle it brings. ?your life will definitely change.

We purchased a 2000 Newmar Mountain Aire motorhome about 1-1/2 years ago.  Our philosophy (though others will probably disagree), was to purchase used to save money but to buy the 4 year extended warranty the dealer offered in case we encountered major repairs.  We have used the warranty for some repairs we needed.  You may only be able to get the warranty on later models but is something to consider and ask about.  The dealer we purchased from is one we have dealt with in the past.

Good luck in your decision - I know it is a big one.  I agree with previous posts regarding the slide-outs.  They make a world of difference in living area.

Trish said:
I have deceided on a Country Coach '36.? Question is do I go for a well maintained 1993-94 and the money I save put into repairing and upgrading or go with a newer model say 1997-1999? Thanks for any and all advise.

Hi Trish,
We had a 1997 CC intrigue 36 foot and loved it.  We bought it new.  We then opted for a 1999 Magna with a galley slide (also new).  I have loved each  rig.  The slide does offer lots of room and convenience. All rigs will require a bit of manintenace and money .  Wish I could be more definitive in my answer for you but Country Coach is a very well built coach and you can't go wrong either way IMHO.  Let us know what you decide.

Betty and Terry
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Hi Trish,

We had a '98 Intrigue which was the same model Terry & Betty had. It was the Montage. Though it didn't have a slide the design of the galley made it very easy to get around with two people. We now have a 2000 American Dream with a single slide. It does make a big difference in liveability especially when you are full timers. :)
Hi Trish,

We have a 99 American Eagle with a slide which we have really enjoyed.  I wouldn't recommend focusing on one brand unless you have already looked at others.  Beside the Country Coach line look at Monaco, American Coach, and Newmar for starters.  Members here have all those brands and would be a great source of information.  Good luck on your search.

Another thing to consider (and maybe some of the Framily members will voice their opinions), the resaleability of a MH with a slide vs without a slide.  As these coaches get bigger and add more slides, it may be harder to re-sell a coach without a slide.

By 1998-99 other amenities like inverters, sat TV, larger holding tanks, etc will also add to the comfort of your RV and/or save the expense of having to add options on the earlier coaches.

We have owned three m/h's without slides and our last two with - we will probably never own another without at least two.
I always said we didn't need a slide and didn't care that we didn't have one. After all, it was just one more thing to maintain and to go wrong, wasn't it? Now we have a slide and I wouldn't go back to a slideless RV for love nor money. The space that it adds can not be believed. Of course, I also like that we can operate just fine without the slide slid out .... but when we're where that extra space can be added just by pushing a button, it is so worth it.
Thank you all so much for your advise.  The info that was presented made a lot of sense.  I have deceided to go with a later model coach.  Will keep you posted.  This is the best site I have found on RV's.  Great job.
We have 1 slide on our 98 Pace Arrow and are looking at a newer model w/slide.  Won't go back to one without.  Many have 2, 3, and 4, however we don't feel that is necessary, but to each his or her own.  Everyone's taste are different.  Thank goodness.  Good luck
Due to things beyond my control (Inheartance) I bought a new rig myself,  IN my case the floor plan was the deciding factor.  SO in deciding between the two rigs you are considering, I'd look at the floor plan and get the one you like best.

Welcome to our group, may you enjoy many years of camping, clear roads and following winds

Oh, just for a lark... While researching somethign else I came across a used RV web site, they had a 2005 Intruder 37 foot (what I have) used, the asking price is only 40 thousand more than I paid for my rig.  I will admimt the original owner did get a couple of options I did not, Electric visors, Convection/microwave oven (I use microwave only) but I don't think that's 40,000 worth of improvement, more like 40.00

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