Finished my winterization..

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May 16, 2006
Mine has a bypass suction tube unit by the pump that is inserted into the gallon of pink fluid. Basically, just bypasses the water heater, and runs pink fluid at full strengh at all outlets, including outside shower. I used 3 gallons total. Poured 2 cups full strength into each p-trap.  Left the water heater plug out. Will store in pole barn until spring.
We have almost finished winterizing our m/h; leaving Charleston, SC for Florida tomorrow.  ;D ;D
I thnk we've gotten far enough south in our winterizing, ran the air conditioner yesterday in Lampasas, TX :)
We are a little late winterizing this year.  Still at Sam's Camp where the temperature this morning was 16 degrees F.  Should be getting on with the winterization in about two weeks or less when we head out for Texas.
I am in the Dallas area and we plan to use our rv some during the winter.  Should we do any winterizing other than running the furnace or a couple of space heaters when it will get below freezing?  We'll probably lay a drop light in the water pump compartment in case of a freeze.  Would it be best to drain all water and holding tanks after each use between mid-Dec and late-Feb?  In our house all we do is open our lower cabinet doors to expose the plumbing to more indoor heat when we are expecting a freeze, but I know my motorhome doesn't have copper pipes.

I don't know how cold it gets in the Dallas area during winter but if you have an air compressor its not much trouble to drain the water tank and heater and then blow the lines out using compressed air at  the fresh water hookup.

I use my motorhome to go ice fishing in during the winter at some of Indiana's hundreds of strip pits. All I do though is take along a couple of five gallon containers of water and use that to drink, cook, and flush the toilet.

It's mostly above freezing, but we do have a few days of highs in the 20's.  Last year we had a couple of days of 17? high.  Most times if it freezes it's at night and thaws during the day.  We have an air compressor.  Emptying to be safe may be the answer.  Thanks.

Sounds like a lot of work, glad I live in Florida RVing and boating year round. Come visit us in FL. No hurricanes this year yeah!!! But the insurance is killing us. Did you hear on the news last night that the insurance companies now have $60 Billion from all of our increases or it is going to reach $60 Billion. Something has to be done about that. It is driving a lot of people out of FL. I just love FL to much to let that run me out, been here all my life.

When we were staying home in the winter we always winterized. It only takes a very few minutes and it is cheap insurance. Even if we were going to
use it again if a few weeks.

Don't worry about winterizing here outside of Phoenix.  After all the years of going to Fl and swatting insects. and fighting the rains and hurricanes  We just rake our rocks now.

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