FireFox 16.0.1

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Apr 12, 2005
Roman Forest, TX.
Howdy all.  Since the latest update to FireFox, on some webpages, the icon for FF will start blinking, and FF will slow to a crawl.  It will do so until I leave the webpage.  It doesn't do it on all web pages, and not on the same webpage every time.  I can't find anywhere that it gives an error message, or pop-up, or anything.  It just blinks and slows down until I leave the page.  Any ideas??
The first step is to start Firefox in safe mode.  Go to the Help menu, and select "Restart with Add-ons disabled" and see if the problem is still there.  If not, then you have to find out which add-on is causing the problem.

Try to identify what those pages have in common.  Things like Flash are a common source of problems.
Thanks for the quick reply Ned.  I know you are pretty much the resident FF guru here.  I actually saw a flash (pardon the pun) of a Flash message before a page loaded, but it went away so quick I couldn't see what it said.  And as I type this, a 16.0.2 update pops up.  Hmmm, maybe a fix???  I'll see.  Anyway, if it doesn't, I will start looking into the Flash add-on.
You can disable Flash in the plugins as a quick test.  I believe 16.0.2 is a security update.
Firefox 17 is a beta.  Current released version is 16.0.2.
Mick & Pat said:
Yes and it may be better than the 16.0.1 version  :D

But it did break two of my addons, Vertical Tabs and Colorful Tabs.  The tabs are still vertical but no drag and drop to reorder and no colors.  The author says VT will work once 17 is released.
FireFox 17.0 released last week.

Here are the details:
Mozilla has released Firefox 17, which fixes 29 security issues and is
the first version that allows developers to integrate social networks
into the browser. The Social API (application programing interface) has
so far produced Facebook Messenger for Firefox, which displays a sidebar
with active information from the social networking site. Firefox 17 also
automatically blocks older versions of widely used browser plug-ins,
including Adobe Flash and Reader, and Oracle's Java, from executing
content. The feature is called "Click-to-Play," and users may override
it if they choose. The Opera browser has also been updated; Opera 12.11
addresses a critical buffer overflow vulnerability as well as an issue
that caused problems loading Gmail.

Recent updates to Colorful Tabs and Vertical Tabs made both addons function with Firefox 17 and the new version 18 beta.
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