firefox ver16?

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Sep 4, 2009
What is the latest version of firefox 16.?.?
I had talked about updating from 3.6.28 but did not have time to fool with it.  This weekend I have time and feel like upgrading to latest of ver 16
The current released FF version is actually 17.0 and there is an 18 in Beta Test. If you go to the Mozilla Firefox website and click download, you will get 17.0.
Well I tried the site Gary posted and I get the same results as I have been lately.

Have been using Firefox for quite a while and one day probably about a month ago, all I get is the screen outline with the minimize, maximize and close buttons at the top right. 

I'm not sure what version I was on when it decided to upgrade and everything has been gone since.

Any ideas?  WIN 7, recent Dell laptop.thanks,

Start with with a new profile.  If you had used any themes or personas with the old version, they may not be compatible with the latest and can cause strange problems with the window displays.  See this article on how to start Firefox with the profile manager to establish a new profile.

Version 17.0.1 was released yesterday as an update.
Ok I just installed FF ver 17.01 had v 3.6.28 and I normally use a password program called Signup Shield and can't seem to get it working with ver 17.0.1 :(
There have been a lot of changes to Firefox between version 3 and 17 and not all addon developers have kept up.  Contact the author of any addons that no longer work to see if they have updated versions available.  I recommend after such a major upgrade, you start with a new profile and add your addons one at a time from the Mozilla addons web site to ensure that all are compatible.
Next question, guess I need to start looking for a good password program that will run om Win XP & Win 7 with Firefox v 17.0.1  Have been using Signup Shield which I really like but it will not play well with FF 17.0.1
Any Help appreciated. :)
I've used LastPass for several years.  Very secure, works on nearly all browsers and operating systems, and keeps track of passwords and form data as well.  If you get LastPass, get Xmarks too to keep track of your bookmarks across all browsers and OSes.  I have the premium version for $12/year, well worth it.
Ned I downloaded Last Pass (free ver) to try out and wonder if it is possible to backup all my sites so I can transfer them to my laptop without having to reenter on the laptop? TIA
Nevermind I just realized it is stored at lastpass so it is there.  Thanks anyway.
Yep, LastPass stores all your passwords and form data on their server so it's available to all browsers on all your computers.  It's encrypted on the client side so it's as secure as possible in the cloud.
Just make sure you don't forget your LastPass master password. LastPass does NOT keep it so there is NO "I forgot my password" option.

I've been using LastPass for a couple of years and really like it. I also got the pro version this last summer so now it works on my smart phone.
So far I like the free ver of Last Pass, just concerned about security of someone else having access to my pass words.  I really Liked Signup Shield but it will not play well with newer Firefox versions. :(
Nothing against Lastpass, but If you are only using one computer, or if you use firefox on all your systems, the firefox built-in password manager is entirely adequate for most needs.
Anybody currently using Lastpass on an Android phone or tablet? Which browser? It was more than a bit shaky on Androids last time I tried it (almost a year ago now) and was wondering if any progress has been made. I had mediocre results on both the native Google browser and Android Firefox back then.
So far I like the free ver of Last Pass, just concerned about security of someone else having access to my pass words

LastPass stores your password data in encrypted form and does not have access to your master password.

Anybody currently using Lastpass on an Android phone or tablet?

Both.  It doesn't integrate with the browsers as it does on Windows but it does include a browser that seems to work just fine.  I open the LastPass app, select the site, and let it open in the LastPass browser.  If I need the login credentials in another browser, I just switch to LastPass and copy the password to the clipboard, switch back to the browser and paste it in.
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