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Jan 2, 2013
I've owned a few pull behind trailers to include a toy hauler and I think I finally grew up and purchased my first Class A.  I just took delivery of a 2008 Winnabego Chalet 30BR and of course, it was a Camping World rental unit.  The dealership was great and I got a GREAT deal on it a day before the first of the year.  Inspection was great, a few cosmetic things (flooring could be replaced, furniture cleaned, etc...) but functionally it's great.  Around 50K (I know a bit high mileage) but it looks great and seems to have been taken care of by Camping World.  I'm not trying to live in a dream world so I realize there may be some t hings wrong.  No bubblers in the wall paper, no stains or discoloration, tires have no dry rot and a TON of tread, etc... 

I'm just curious, I got this for 14K under NADA wholesale and when I put it into the computer, all I put was the mileage and the slide....  So I didn't inflate it.  Is it because it was a rental unit?  What should I be looking for now?  I drove it 120 miles the day I purchased it and it drove great!  Is t his too good to be true? 

If anybody has any recommendations, please let me know.  I'm stoked to start my summer now but want to make sure it's in great shape.  Look forward to any responses!!!
The Chalets I have seen were all class C and I have heard that the Chalets are intended for rental fleets. There are some very knowledgable folks here with regard to Winnebago so they may correct me.

Good luck with it!
Where did you find the NADA wholesale value? It is not available to consumers online - you need to subscribe to the service.

The model E30BR is a Class C, not a Class A and NADA Low Retail is $45,400 and Avg Retail $54,700.  If you got it for $31k and the condition is decent, I would say you did ok. The online free NADA values do not always represent true market value - they are calculated based on average depreciation. Sometimes the market sets a lower (or higher) value and rental units are typically lower.

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