First long trip saga

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Jul 29, 2011
crestview, fl
Hello all,

We literally just walked in the door from our first long trip. Crestview fl. looped through New Mexico throught Oklahoma and back home.

We logged 3460mi. and had exactly 0 problems with the coach. Unless you count the poopie hill in the black tank  :p.
Our coach is a 1998 model and I am proud to say that I would drive her anywhere! Our MPG was higher on the trip than any of our previous trips, we usually get 6.5mpg with the genset running and this trip we saw an average MPG of 7.89. I feel that was a huge jump for an old 460 ford. I did keep the speed around 61-63, but let the cruise pull the hills.

The first night out we stayed at a Best Western in Alexandria La. that had 4 sites in the parking lot $46.00 (ouch) but, we were tired.

The second night was at I-40 campground just west of Ft Worth tx. $19.00 pa  OK place for an overnighter.

The third night was at Midway RV park, Just south of Roswell NM. $14.00, I cannnot recomed this place, unless you like the overpowering smell of cow poo.

The Fourth night was at Oliver Lee Memorial state park. $14.00.This place is the bomb!!!!!! Views to die for!!! A must see. Just so. of Alamagordo NM.

The next two nights were street camping at a friends housein albequrque NM.

Then we were off to Bandelier Monument $14.00 a night (primative) water nearby. This place is awesome. Camp on the top of a mountain then go see pueblo cave dwellings!

From there we went to Tahlequah OK.  and came home. I'll post more on this later, Time to clean out the Coach!!

Sounds like a great first long trip I am waiting for more info and some photos of your trip
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