First night in Cougar 324RLB.

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Mar 23, 2013
Norfolk, VA
Traded in travel trailer for 2013 Cougar 324RLB. Wife and kids already love the huge rooms and loving the second bathroom. Only have one issue so far. The heat is not very strong if any at all in the front bedroom and bathroom. Is there some kind of vent duct diverter that is closed?

Forgot to mention upgraded the hitch to a pullrite superglide and loving that turns on a dime and I have a megacab ram and it nevercame close to the cab. The guys that did my walkthrough wanted to see how close Iit would get. Not even close.

One thing that bugged me going down the road was the pushing pulling of the rig. Ordering a trailair pin right now and the airlift springs kit also.
Just wanted to say way to go on your new RV.
After you get the kinks out it will get even funnier.
Trail pin will help for sure.
It is not unusual for the ducting to be crushed or kinked (it's typically just vinyl flex hose) or the the exit grate to be stuck closed or maybe plugged with something. RV assembly quality being what it is, anything is possible.  Plus, the fan in an RV furnace isn't all that potent and it is not unusual for the end of a duct run to not reeive much air, and what comes out may not be all that hot.

In any case, since the RV is new you should report it to the dealer as a warranty issue and see what they can do. I had severe problems on a new 2002 coach and the dealer was only a small help. Eventually got the attention of an executive of the manufacturer (National RV) at a rally and he sent his lead factory tech guy over to check it out. The tech spent 4 hours and really tore into it.  He found two faulty outlets, a partially crushed duct, and removed 4-5 feet of excess duct hose. Flow improved by nearly 50%.
2nd day and now noticing alot of shaking/bouncing when walking around or someone walking in. How do I fix that? Also for the snap pins how low should I lower them before dropping the motorized arms?
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