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Aug 12, 2005
Bend OR
We took our first trip back in July when my wife and I hosted our family reunion.  The second day at the campground after everyone started showing up, my wife decided to change into some shorts as it was starting to warm up after the morning rain. I was talking to a cousin across the street from our site.  After about 20 or 30 minutes I thought I had better go check on her to see what was up.  After entering the motorhome and noticing the bathroom door closed, I heard her yell "Help".  I walked over to the door and looked down to see the new folding stool we had bought earlier that morning from Camping World had fallen over and wedged the sliding bathroom door shut.  After I moved the stool and freed my sweet wife, she explained that she heard the thump of the stool but didn't think anything about it.  She had been yelling out the window but no one had her cries and kept hoping that I would show up soon. We went back across the street and told the family what had happened.  My wife must have looked a little stressed, they were laughing so hard that tears were starting to fall. :-[
Looking forward to this Friday when we take off for a week at the Southern Oregon Coast.

Great story Mike. I'll bet the stool gets stored in a different place next trip.

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