First overnighter coming up!

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Apr 20, 2012
Southern Indiana
:-\We have beeb monitoring this forum for months and are greatful for all the expertise that is offered daily.  We finally found the trailer we think we can be happy with and are looking forward to heading westward next spring. We will count on the forum for continuing support along the way. Right now we are planning several overnighters locally to "practice" set-up, etc. Then we will winterize. Southern Indiana offers many really nice camping sites in state parks. Maybe someday we will have some advice to offer others - that's what it's all about, right?  Live, learn and share the knowledge.
Practice makes perfect! you will be highly experienced in no time. It's kind of a sharp learning curve; once you learn how to park without killing trees and dump without calling HAZMAT, the rest of it comes pretty naturally.

Enjoy those initial outings - campfire stories of the future!

Have fun! See you out West next year - think Moab....Yellowstone... 8)
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