First trip in RV things, come in 3's lol

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Jan 26, 2013
I had such a blast with wife,kids and grandson that I had to laugh at myself and say it could of been worse. :)
1) bedroom TV went Kaput -------at least we still had the one up front to watch cartoons on lol (grandson).
2) had water back up about and 1" in bathtub problem fixed drained grey tank ( lesson learned watch gauges closer) :eek: :-[
3) and this I need help/info on I have a 2000 Ford bounder and my hose on the toilet Sprayer came off of in back of the tank and was wondering if this is something if I get new hose and everything if its easy to repair/hook back on or do i need to have the whole commode lifted up then put back on? looks to be in a awkward place will little room with alittle patience and now no water on floor  was wondering if this would be simple as I never have worked on one in a RV before so have no idea if a novice can do it ? or better off letting an RV repair place do it ? any help or advice I would to Thank you ahead of time.
If you can get to it, it is simple. go to lowe's or where ever and get a new sink sprayer and screw it on. If the old one just came unscrewed reinstall it.

If there is not enough room it do it, remove the lower shroud and try again.

It's better that your grey water backed up than your black water.  You might want to keep an I on the black water tank. I've had a lot of experience with the black water tank, none of which I would like to repeat.
Gordon Groff said:
I use the shower drain as my gray tank indicator.  Guaranteed to work every time!  :pGordon
We leave the gray open (I'm assuming you're connected), close it the day before we drain the black tank and use that gray water to rinse the hose.
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