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Apr 5, 2005

I just wanted all of you to see the photo of our first trip here in MI (see my profile photo until I figure out how to pur better ones up).? we went to the Port Huron KOA this past weekend and as luck would have it we got snow!!? Being that we were in shorts earlier in the week we were suprised but not discouraged by the forecast and went anyways.? ?For once the forecasters were right and it snowed and rained all weekend.? By the time we left there was 3-4" on the ground and it snowed for the whole trip home.

Aside from the weather we went prepared with some movie rentals and plenty of snacks, not to mention warm clothes.? We went to a flea market in a blizzard on Saturday and had some good food and found some bargains.? ?It was nice to spend all of the time together for the weekend.

I believe that we gave the RV a good workout for its first trip.? ?We ended up replacing a couple of the heat vents with plastic ones with dampers, I was suprised at how HOT the metal ones got.? Plus the rear bunkhouse got so warm at night that I wanted to be able to adjust the heat.? ?I found the new vents at Lowes for $4 at Lowes!?

After all of that I walked out of work today to the low 60's and sunshine!!? No snow on sight..... 8)



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Sorry to hear you had snow on your trip. ?But sounds like you didn't let it hamper your adventure, Glad you had a great trip in spit of the snow.

thanks Tom, I am going to give that a try.? As far as snow goes, I love it!!? Except on April 24th?????????  I should have brought my snowmobiles along!!
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