Fleetwood Avion??

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Apr 9, 2005
Benson , AZ.
Hey folks...  what is the buzz on this unit?  I think I remember it as among the higher end Fleetwood 5'ers, but any esperience out there?  Local RV dealer has a 1993 35' with a living room slide.  INterior is immaculate, outside painted or decalled areas are faded a little bit.  They have it deeply discounted from their regular price, but not sure yet how that number equates to real world.  Thay ase asking 16+k. 

Even if it were perfectly riced etc, I don't know that I would make the jump right now.  Next year, possibly, but dang, what a temptation!


Now that you got that big PSD your just looking for something to pull? I'm sure that you will find a 5er will give you a lot more room than you currently have. If you are thinking of one watch the pin weights relative to the truck max. That was how I shopped for on a) layout we liked b) satisfactory pin weights that were within n the limits of the truck. Play with the attached spreadsheet for a little help in figguring what the truck can handle.



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Thanks, good spreadsheet.  Have to look over the numbers for the AAvon again, I was confusing some of the specs on the truck.  You brought me back in line.

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