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Oct 3, 2005

  I was hoping someone with motorhome knowledge might give me a suggestion. I'm a day away from purchasing a new diesel motorhome. Either a fleetwood excursion or a winnebago journey. Does any one have positives or negatives of either brand? Which is better? Better re-sale value?


Ron didn't give a lot of detail for his recomemdation, but I notice that the Excursion has the Spartan chassis.  If that is an independent front suspension, I would agree with Ron.  I just moved from a Journey (with a solid front axle) to a Vectra with IFS (both freightliner chassis) and there is a big difference in the driveablilty of the two machines. I liked the Journey and had no problems with it, but the independent front end turns a truck into a car.
Ron didn't give a lot of detail for his recommendation, but I notice that the Excursion has the Spartan chassis.

I have said this before but I repeat it again.  Having driven and owned coaches without IFS and having the Eagle on a Spartan Chassis that has IFS I would not recommend any coach without IFS and if we were ever to get another coach only those with IFS would even be considered.
Thanks fellows!

  The info finalized my decision. It's going to be Fleetwood Excursion. I should be picking it up Saturday. Get this, i havent camped for 20 years- of which was a pop-up camper. Now, i'm going to a quad slide loaded up home on wheels. Can't wait. Unfortunately my children are all 16-22. I suppose mom and I will still enjoy it though. Thanks to all who had a opinion.

Congratulations I'm sure you will enjoy the Excursion.  Glad we could help.  Please ask any questions that may come up.

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