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Jan 13, 2005
I'd wanted to buy myself a float tube for years and a couple of years ago I bit the bullet. We were on our way to Mammoth Lakes for some fly fishing when I decided to stop at a local tackle shop. The water in those high lakes is quite cool, so I also had to buy neoprene waders in addition to a pair of fins for mobility while on the water.

This turned out to be one of those "why didn't I buy one of these years ago?" purchases. Waddling around the edge of a lake casting a fly near shore proved to be a very relaxing experience.

Additional benefits include the ability to easily and quicky deflate the tube for storage and re-inflate it for use on many other inland bodies of water.


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A view of the Twin Lakes in the Mammoth area, site of the launch and maiden voyage of my float tube. These and numerous other lakes and streams in the area provide some great trout fishing opportunities.


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caltex said:
But did you catch any fish?

Since I practice catch and release, it's tough to provide a response that folks would believe.
LOL Jeff, yes - the trolling motor is called "your feet".
Karl said:
Hmmm.... Didn't see a holder for a wee dram

You're not looking close enough Karl. Under each wrist there's a zipped-up pouch for all your goodies. A hip flask fits in one of these pouches with lots of room to spare.

Don't have a hip flask? Click here

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