Floor replacement in the slide out

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May 8, 2010
Mobile, al
I found a rotten wood in the corner of the slide.  I have done some research and found no way to replace floor without removing slide.  Any suggestions?
First, why did it rot to start with, and two, is the rest of the floor solid enough to screw another sheet of plywood over the area and apply flooring to that?  If you can control the water problem that caused it, I'm not sure that I would want the expense and effort of removing the existing plywood. 
The plywood is fastened to an aluminum structure. You can take the plywood up and replace it- without removing the slide.
It appears to be leaking from the outside access door, there is an area about 2 ft square that is rotten.  Looking at it I can see plenty of daylight coming from the door.  The seals look really good.  I decided to pull the dinette out and make a U shape dinette in is when I found it.
I can see the problem would be if the floor was put in before the walls were installed. If the floor was put in after the walls then replacement would be easier. Can you tell?

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