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Nov 29, 2006
Northern Michigan

My husband and I are newbies.  Would like to go to Florida from Michigan sometime in March '07 - it will be our first trip in our new-to-us 36' Class A.  We would be making the rounds among friends down there - Ft. Myers, Ft. Lauderdale, and another place that escapes me at the moment. 

Should we avoid particular weeks due to spring break?  I don't know if the "spring break" phenomenon affects RV parks.

Now that I've perused this board a little, I am concerned it may already be getting too late to make reservations - they say it is difficult to get reservations over the winter - is it still difficult in March?

If need be, we could shoot for April instead but we prefer March.

Thanks for any thoughts!

Hi, We've been to FL several times with our TT.Lion Country Safari in West Palm beach is aneat place to stop. Camping there gives you admission to  the park. You can hear the lions roaring in the evening, very cool. Sugar Mill Ruins in  New Smryna Beach is a nice stop, lots of greenery with a good amount of seasonal residents. I like April weather alot better. An easy stop right by I-95 just north of the SC border is Sleepy Bears RV Park. Easy in-easyout but nothing nearby but a deserted Motel (get the picture?). Enjoy the trip!
Hi Susan,

Welcome to the forum. Florida in March may or may not be a problem. This is the time when some folks start heading north but it is still early. I would guess there will be spots available but not necessarily at the campgrounds in which you are interested. You could start calling now and see what might be available if you know when you will be here.
There are several things to be concerned with in March. Many snowbirds are still here. Major league baseball spring training attracts a lot of baseball fans at campgrounds in the vicinity of the training camps. Motorcycle week fills up most of the campgrounds in the Daytona Beach area, at least within 25-30 miles. And there are the family spring breakers who come while their kids are out of school. Orlando attractions like Disney, Universal etc. is their main attraction. As far as college spring breakers, very few use campgrounds that I have observed. Your best bet is to thoroughly plan your trip and make campground reservations as early as possible. Tomorrow would not be too early.  ;)
Let me add my welcome!
As Bruce said, plan tomorrow - or yesterday! You may want to visit some of the major college websites and see where the spring break crowd is headed, and avoid those areas :D Wherever you end up going, don't make your schedule too tight. It's time to relax and enjoy your trip; not be burdened by having to meet deadlines. 

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