FMCA for Fifth Wheelers?

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Apr 9, 2005
Benson , AZ.
We all probably know about the FMCA and what a nice organization it is.,  We may also all know about their restrictive membership, in that you have to be able to go from friving area to living area.  Well, it may be a possibility in a 5er, but probably only as a special effect in a movie.  So, question is, do 5ers have a FMCA org for us? 

There are national camping clubs that accept trailers as well as motorhomes, Bill. Probably the best known is Good Sam, but there are also these:

Family Campers & Rvers
Tin Can Tourists
Camping Club of America

and many more state and local clubs.  You might check for further info.
I saw the Tin Can Campers on a TV show.  I think you need to be vintage for them.  Escapees I know if, great group.  Probably join up.  However, FMCA seems to be the tops in sercives, although restrictive in membership.  I think once you join you can stay no matt4er the rig.  Is that true?

Membership conditions for FMCA are explained HERE.? ? I suppose one could continue a membership after disposing of their motorhome, but would need a motorhome to attend a rally...unless it was on a day pass.
Almost forgot about Escapees.  Folks told me about them awhile back. Looks like they have the services I was looking at FMCA for.  Guess I'll join up.  Their BOF clubs it a lot of my other interests too. 

If it is services for non-motorhome RVers you are looking for, then Escapees is definitely the way to go.  The are the only one in the same league as FMCA is for motorhomes.  And Escapees welcomes all types of trailers and motorhomes.
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