FMCA Rocky Mtn Attendance

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Mar 16, 2005
A friend advised me that the attendance at the FMCA Rocky Mountain Ramble was miserable. A planned 450-500 turned out to be 200 registered and 181 attending. The problems multiplied when entertainment for Friday night cancelled an hour and half before show time. They got the Frustrated Maestros who were doing breakfasts to fill in and he said they did a credible job.

By the way, he said the site the  Winnemucca Events Complex (NV) was great.

I would imagine our fuel costs are one factor though, perhaps, not the only one. I do see fuel is starting downward but don't expect to see it drop much. I'll bet everyone will feel great if it drops to $2.50/gal.  :(
I believe the Beaver rally in OR a couple of weeks ago was also poorly attended and coach sales there were a fraction of what they were in prior years.
We've been here in Winnemucca for a week and having a good time, believe it or not  ;D ;D  Official attendance was 200 registered family plus 10 show coaches. The vendors shut down 3 hours early today. Electric parking is in the stable area and you do have to watch where you walk, but the 30 amp power ($45 for 5 nites) is better than the local campground we stayed in when we first got here. All the officers and volunteers are parked in the CGs for a subsidized rate.  The entertainment was entertaining, we enjoyed most of it. Last nite was a last minute put together but a couple from Goldaconda, storytellers, came and and were quite enjoyable. I doubt that any sizable rally will be held here again but it was on our route and we aren't sorry we came.
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