Foggy Thermopane Winnegabo Windows

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Sep 13, 2005
I probably posted this question in the wrong place since I put it in introductions but......Does anyone know how to get the moisture out from between the thermopane windows on my 95 Winnie Luxor??  If not, does anyone have a handle on replacement cost and who does this?? :(
There really is no way to remove the moisture, and even if you could, it would build up again. Multipaned windows are normally sealed with argon gas in between the panes, when the seal leaks the gas goes out and air enters. With this air comes moisture.
About all you can do is replace the glass. Almost any glass shop can do this work for you if you remove the window and take it to them. Some might even be able to remove it for you. Cost will vary depending on the size of the window and quality of the glass.

Hi rvangr,

As Woody said, there's nothing you can do but replace the window. The seal is gone so it is no longer a thermopane window. :(
I'm currently waiting for a price from the factory of Gulf Stream for thermo-pane windows that were made by "Creation".? I want to make an offer on this motor home but need to know what it'll cost
me to replace the windows.? The rubber gasket between the panes looks like squished and curly
angleworms.? I wonder if there is some new technology since this Scenic Cruiser was built 10/16/98.
No sense in putting in the same stuff if it only lasts 7-years.? This motorhome is a model 8381 WFD.? If you have any information on something that is better I'd be interested.

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