Ford E-450 Chassis Fuse Panel on a Winnebago

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Jan 19, 2007
I have never owned a Ford before and cannot identify what fuses are what on the fuse panel under the dash. To tight to get a tester in to test the fuses. My question is does anyone have a fuse label or diagram to denote what fuses are what. My left turn signals and brake lights are out, the bulbs are all good so I am guessing its a fuse, Just cant find which one. I like that GM puts where the fuses belong on the panel. Anyways, any help would be nice.
Wish I could help but Winnie is not my line  Our Pace Arrow the dash in front of the steering wheel lifts up and everything is right there in plain view.  However there are plenty of Winnie owners here that should jump right in, so hold tight a bit.
My left turn signals and brake lights are out, the bulbs are all good so I am guessing its a fuse
If it's only the LEFT turn signal and the brake lights, it's probably not a fuse; at least not just one. If it were one fuse, BOTH turn signals and brake lights would be out. Your best bet is to contact Ford with your specific make/model and get either a shop manual or wiring diagram for it. There are too many different ways they are wired depending on model and year for us to make any kind of educated guess where the problem may be.
AS Karl says, the fuse for stop & turn signals supplies power to both sides, so it's not a fuse. Most likely a wire has been cut or shorted somewhere. The E450 is a van cutaway chassis, so half the running light wiring is Ford and half added by Winnebago. The problem could be at either end.

Do both your tail lights and all the side/roof marker lights work?

The Ford fuse box will either have a fuse layout sticker inside the cover or be described in the owner manual for the E450 chassis. More likely in the E450 Owner Manual.  If you don't have one, a Ford dealer may be able to order one for you. It is also likely that Winnebago has added another fuse panel for the circuits they installed, but they probably have nothing to do with the stop & turn signals. You may be looking in the Winnie fuse box rather than the Ford box and thus see no fuses for stop & turn.

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