Ford E450 Radio/CD player

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Jul 18, 2006
Not sure if anybody can help, but I thought I'd ask. 

Our new 2006 class C MH (Ford E450SD Chassis) came with a Clarion radio/cd instead of a factory Ford unit. I would like to replace it with a Ford 6CD unit, but I don't know what model # I would need. I called Ford and they told me to call my local Ford dealer, but they were no help. Anybody have an idea how I can find out what I need?
A better idea is an Alpine head unit such as the CDA 9857.
Comes with an iPod dock and plays MP3 CDs. One MP3 CD can hold 10 CDs worth of music. The radio display shows the name of the track playing, both from iPod and from MP3 CD.
Now if I were a betting man, I know I would bet on Russ's recommendation, cause it's probably the best you'll find and get.  That I am sure of.
Ok, I solved my problem. Just for the heck of it I pulled the radio from my Ford Ranger to see if it would work in the MH. What do you know? It had the same connector as the MH. I hooked it up, and it worked fine. So I left it in the MH and put the Clarion in my truck. I have Sirius Sat. radio in the truck, so I very rarely use the CD player anyway. So it works out fine.
So your radio from your ranger fit you 2006 e450. But what year was your ranger? I'm looking to do a similar installation.

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