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Feb 18, 2006
Does anyone have any experience with the Front Engine Diesel Motorhomes?  The salesman says that they are getting 12 to 14 MPG.  I don't believe everything a salesman says.  I am specifically looking at the Simba.  Comments on the Safari line would also be appreciated.
Hi, we have a FRED ordered--should get it around Nov 10, and have tried to find information about them, but there just aren't that many people on the forums that own or have owned them, it seems.  Search this forum--there are some threads addressing this, and also this thread at the GulfStream forum was started by the owner of a new Crescendo FRED.  They haven't posted since their first couple of trips, but they got 10-11.6 mpg when not towing: 

Once we get ours, I'll post our mileage and anything else relevant!

Good luck in your search!

Salesman says    All BS  You ought to know that my now.  Anyone ovr the age of 10 and believes a salesman is one heck of agullible person.  Want to buy a bridge?
Shayne said:
Salesman says? ? ?All BS? ?You ought to know that my now.? Anyone ovr the age of 10 and believes a salesman is one heck of agullible person.? ?Want to buy a bridge?

Looks like salessman might have last laugh on this one if the 13.3 stands up that is supposed to have been tested by MH Magazine. Time will tell but even if close thats impressive since max fuel economy won't come for many 1000's of miles of travel wearing down tires and loosening up components.
Freightliner is claiming 70% Better fuel economy for what it's worth!

I see a claim of 40% in one place in the Freightliner site and 70% in another.  Maybe the marketing dept couldn't make up its mind?  Both of those are compared to a gas engine and we already know that diesels get better fuel economy than large gas engines, though 15-20% is most typical.  I woder what revolutionary new technology they used to do this - and why don't they use it in their pushers too?  Engines don't get more efficient just by moving up front.... or do they?

I also note that in the article text it says "up tp 70%" rather than a flat 70%, so maybe they got that measurement downhill with a tailwind.
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