freightliner wiring diagram

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Dec 23, 2010
Washington State
I purchased a temparature and compass display and need to tap into various points in the lights and ignition.  Does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram of the Freightliner custom chassis?
call 1800FTL-HELP for immediate response or go to and sign up as a owner operator and get access to all information on your chassis.  The latter takes a while so call for help now.  They usually mail them out but maybe they will email them. 

Access Fl is a great asset and has helped me a lot.
Yup - accessfreightliner is a great resource.  You need to log in every _ _ days so they don't deactivate your account though.

I thought this thread might belong in another board, but on second thought it should stay here, at least for the present - there are some Winnebago-specific house-chassis interfaces that might be significant to the question (Marty - let's leave it here.) 

David, if you would please update this thread as you make progress on your mission.
If those are going into the dashboard area, it's a toss up as to whether you need Freightliner or Winnie wiring info. The instrument cluster and ignition switch will be FTL, but most everything else will be Winnie. There is probably a Winnie junction or terminal block behind the dash somewhere that provides tie-in points for battery +12, ignition On +12, and ignition-run +12, which they use for various dashboard functions themselves. Might be all you need.
Thanks for the replies.  I will keep you updated.  I tried the winnie diagrams but couldn't find the block for these connections.
I contacted them and asked for the lighting and ignition switch schematics and they emailed me the lighting schematics.  I will contact them again for the ignition switch schematics.  Thanks for your help.
David, what temperature/compass did you purchase? I too have 2012 Ellipse 42QD and can't believe that they don't install this at the factory.


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