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Jun 11, 2005
We have a sulphur smell in our fresh water.  My husband keeps draining out the tank and refilling the water from city water.  We can not figure out what is causing the smell.  The city water is not sulphur. Any ideas? Thanks.
Is the sulphur smell coming from jut the hot water or from the freash water tank?  Usually pouring a cup of clorine bleach into the fresh water tank then filling it,turn on each faucet till you get a clorine smell,  let it set for a couple hours, then drain the freash water tank anf filling it again will clean out anything causing odors. 

Let us know if this works for you. 
Bacterial growth is the most common cause and the hot water heater is the commonest site. Flush out the mineral deposits from that tank. Check the library for tips on how to sanitize the whole water system.
>>We have a sulphur smell in our fresh water. <<

It's probably from your hot water tank. If you have a Suburban it requires an anode rod. If so it is probably eaten away & will need to be replaced. Flush it out throughly super chlorinate it & reflush.

At Clark Fork, ID
The best thing to do when this happens is to sanitize the entire water system. First drain all of the water out of the system, and then close all of the drains. 
Take ? cup of household bleach for every 15 gallons of water that your fresh water holding tank holds. Mix the bleach in one gallon of water and pour it into the fresh water tank. Fill the fresh water tank with potable water. Turn the water pump on and open all faucets, one at a time, and run water until you smell the bleach. If possible drive or tow the RV to assist in cleaning the entire holding tank. Let it sit for twelve hours and then drain the entire system. Refill the fresh water holding tank and run water through the system until you no longer smell the bleach. It may be necessary to repeat this more than once. When you no longer smell bleach the system is sanitized.

You may want to consider filtering your water before filling your holding tanks by using two "whole house" filters  commonly used in household applications.  The first filter is used to remove sand, rust and larger particles, while a second charcoal filter removes taste and odor. 

Start by sanitizing your system in case the water has become contaminated, then if you still have sulfur odor, check the source of your potable water.  IAC filtration is your best overall protection for your water system, and replace the filters on a regular basis.
We haven't had the opportunity to use the hot water heater.  We have only used the RV  8 nights in a year and a half.  I think a new RV sitting up without use is the problem.

Thanks for the advice.

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