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Sep 15, 2005
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I have read that installing a cooling fan in either the back of the fridge compartment, venting to outside, or in the vent pipe will extend the life of, and prevent problems with your RV fridge.
Anyone tried this ?

I have done this on an older class C, just after I replaced the refrigerator. It is supposed to allow more ventilation over the cooling coils during hot weather, thus allow the unit to cool more efficiently.

Only had one really hot day when it was put to the test. I had set mine on a manual switch. On a particularly hot day the fridge didn't seem to be as cold as it should have been. Turned the fan on for a couple of hours and the cooling inside was perfect, so I guess it worked like it was supposed to. The fans can also be controlled thru a thermostat for automatic operation.
Any time the ambient temperature is hot it helps to have sufficient air moving across the condensor of the refrigerator. Some, like the Norcold four door have these fans built in. They can easily be added to others. There are basically two types; solar and 12 volt. They can be obtained at places like Camping World. I would recommend you install the thermostaticly controlled style.
A fan won't really extend the life of your fridge but it will help likely cooling on very hot days, especially on older fridges with less efficient cooling units.  Any little fan will do the job - one of the 12V cooling fans from a computer, if you happen to have one lying around in an old computer case. But the kits made for Rvs aren't real expensive and most include a thermostat as well.

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