Friend's toilet hose leaks at toilet connection

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Mar 17, 2005
Payson AZ
My friend whose toilet hose leaks at the connection to the toilet said it's impossible to reach back there.  I checked mine, and it's really crammed against the wall, too.  Is there possibly a cap that could have twisted loose that is causing the sprayer hose to leak?  Anybody know easy instructions for fixing or replacing the hose?  His hands are too large to get in there, and she can't figure it out either. 

Pat we have a sprayer hose like yours and your friend's and it is attached with a hose clamp so maybe his just needs to be tightened.  We have a Traveler by Sealand but it is not close to the wall and also angled in the corner of the room so is kind of easy to get a hand behind it.  It is possible that the clamp may have loosened and the hose has sliped down a little when traveling on bumpy roads.
I figured something came loose like a clamp.  It would be SO easy to fix if the toilet wasn't pushed up against a wall.  Mine is the same.  Hope that sprayer hose never leaks. 

Gary:  I'll find out what kind of toilet they have.

I'm guessing a Thetford, since they typically have the flush valve in the back (sealand is on the side) and that is usually where the water line for the sprayer attaches.  The leak may be in the hose where it clamps on or in the valve assembly itself.  They typically have an O ring seal that deteriorates after numerous uses and starts to leak.

You may have to remove the toilet to fix it. That's not really hard, though the bolts are a nuisance to get at. On a Thetford your are usually two in the front and one or two in the back. You reach in through the openings to get at them.  There may also be a pop-off cap on the top side (edge of the bowl) that gives access to a mounting bolt below.
Gary ours is a sealand and the connection for the sprayer hose is at the back right under the top back part of the toilet.  Ours is kind of easy to get at because the toilet is angled into the corner of the room.

It's too bad RV engineers are not forced to live in their creation for at least 3 months. Then they'd fix these stupid situations they create.

Sometimes there is a plastic housing around the base that can be removed to gain better access. Of course if it's really jammed to the wall you probably can't remove the cover either. :mad:

Thanks Lorna. Haven't ever seen a Sealand model like that.  I'll have to pay more attention the next time I "borrow" your commode. If you see me on my knees by the toilet, I'm checking the water lines and not "bowing to the porcelain god".  :p
Say hi to Nancy.

Done, Lorna

Upon closer inspection of my own Sealand, I see that the water line goes from the flush valve at the side to the top of the bowl at the back and there a tee feeds the sprayer line as well as the internal bowl rinse. That's probably the way yours is too.  Given that, the toilet in the original quesion is more likely a Sealand than a Thetford.

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