Frig defrosting on floor, water water

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May 14, 2013
583 home from 2 month south trip..... emptied frig... left doors open to find water running across floor.. lots of frost in freezer..(that's another topic why?)

But isn't there a hose or something in fridge that should take water out..... just coming out of bottom... have furnace panel under fridge.. opened it.. but never saw anything....

On trip, propane ran out at 2 am, trip to bathroom found water then.. so a nice warning mechanism... ha but no.. really don't want water running on floor..

It is a Dometic, model dm2852..




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Oct 4, 2007
Heh, heh, these are NOT frost free fridges!!! You may have leaking door seals adding to the problem too.

There is a drain on most fridges but that only drains the pan located under the fins. It may drain into a small tray on the back of the fridge or the tube may require it being stuck outside through the outside access door or it be extended outside through the floor, as mine is. If not routed properly or there is more water from defrosting than the little pan can handle, then it could possibly find its way onto the floor too. Any water resulting from defrosting of the walls will likely end up on the floor of the fridge and could end upon the RV floor easily enough.

The end of the tube often has a small fitting in it to prevent bugs etc coming inside. If not cleaned regularly, it will result in that drain tube blocking and water ending up wherever it wants.


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Jul 6, 2010
First, look into the refrigerator and see if there is a plastic drain pan under the fins and that the pan drains into a little hole in the back.  The pan may have slid and is no longer positioned over the little hole.  It is also possible that someone has removed this drain pan, not knowing what it does.  You will have to bend down to find this. 

Then go outside and remove the access panel from the back of the refrigerator.  You should be able to see a plastic tube coming out of the back of the refrigerator.  Check to see if it is attached and if it is clogged.  Once you have verified that everything is attached and not clogged, any water from the fins on the refrigerator should be draining to the outside. 

HOWEVER, we have not mentioned the freezer compartment.  It probably does NOT have a drain hose, so if the water is coming from there, you need to mop it up with some towels to prevent melting ice from overflowing.  I empty mine every couple of months and use a hairdryer to melt the accumulated frost, but I have to use towels to mop up the water. 

I am guessing that when you left the doors open that you also turned off the refrigerator, which would explain why it is defrosting, so maybe your door seals are fine if this is the first time this has done this.
It.  Next time at the end of a trip, you need to make sure your drain is working on the lower part and be prepared with towels for the upper part.

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